Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tochigi Waygu at Fat Cow - Beef Nirvana For Three Nights Only

Seldom do I rave to the high heavens on food these days, so when I say this is the apex of beef gastronomy, you better believe it.

Fat Cow is a place that I have heard and read raves for some time, but never got around to visiting it for one reason or another. For 3 nights only, visiting Chef Seichi Shinbo brings with him a tasting menu that is guaranteed to dazzle and charm even the most jaded of diners.

Fat Cow does not sound Japanese at all, but the internal trappings has all the classic Japanese tones and decor. Sake bottles are abound too, so it is meant for the best of food and alcohol pairing as well.

It is perhaps best known for its waygu donburi dish for it's lunch menu, and thus, it is no surprise the beef served up here is nothing short of the highest quality.

The tasting menu for this exclusive 3-night special is even better than the regular ones served here. Sourced from the Tochigi prefecture, it is A5 grade Waygu beef. That alone should seal the deal. But let's begin with the starters.


To be honest, this hardly qualifies as an amuse bouche but you won't hear me complaining. The roasted scallop is so naturally sweet, the acidic kimizu dressing is almost superfluous. That texture is bouncy, yet breaks away at the slightest hint. It is only flawed by a somewhat stringy broccolini that tasted a bit old.

These duo of sushi nuggets are about as good as they come. Tochigi Wagyu wrapped around a superb sushi rice is simple, but exemplifies what a good sushi is all about. Premium ingredients, delicate crafting and clean flavours. There is so much clarity here that the blind can see through a dark tunnel with this dish.


It only gets better from here. The uber fresh sea bream is grilled to a flaky perfection, and the soy foam indicates a modern Euro technique that is executed with typical Japanese precision. And a butter sauce to enrich the ocean notes. My dining companion remarked that the dish could stand alone even without the protein, and I am inclined to agree.


And the main highlight, the reason grown man will cry and nomads will travel and scour the earth for. A5 Tochigi Waygu flanked by a splatter of garlic chips and grilled capsicums and a braised daikon. So much classic flavour profiles from the orient is here, with the tying wafu sauce acting as a bindng agent.

But seriously, the marbling on the beef is so good it can stand on its own. Coupled with that charcoal smokiness from the delicate grilling, it just melts away like a snowflake at the merest of bite. Every piece is a treasure, and every bite an utter gastronomic piece of nirvana. So, so good.


A large chunk of this Tochigi pear that weights in at a massive 1 kilogram per fruit is all that is needed to convince you of typical Japanese fruit epicness. The strawberry equally sweet, but it is the pair with all its crunchy texture and organic sweetness that shines and shines.

Few meals leave me so speechless and breathless for more. The construction of the menu is also highly considered and represents a thrilling and conscientious culinary journey. Each step elevating the previous chapter with even more heightened senses and taste..

And it ends on a perfect sweet ending that boasts of a natural and beautiful note. Make not mistake, if you have to taste one menu this year, this is it.

It is a shame it only lasts for three nights, and by the time you read this, you have only two left evenings to savour.

Fat Cow
Camden Medical Centre

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