Friday, May 26, 2017

Boru Boru - Chirashi Gem

Teppei's Chirashi revolution is showing no sign of slowing. It has, instead, initiated a horde of other entries into this visually appealing trend of Japanese inspired rice bowls.

For the most part, the other rice bowl establishments have only added more colour and creativity to the scene. Very few can match the quality and freshness from Chef Teppei's outlets.

A surprising new kid on the Chirashi block is joining the fray, albeit as a temporary pop-up in Candour Coffee.

Located along Beach Road, it is helping to supplement the cafe's savoury menu with its limited set of rice bowls. Some of the items bear a closer examination and in fact, they surpass a number of similar imitators that have popped up in the last twelve months.

The rice bowls are also comparatively much more affordable, especially for the seafood that is on show here. You are not going to get miserly cut tuna and salmon cubes here, but proper sashimi sized fish.

According to the owner and founder, Chef Chng gets his seafood at least three times a week from Japan. And that may explain the superb freshness of the proteins here. Their signature Boru Chirashi Don has a generous supply of maguro and sake gracing the top, and the chef is equally generous with the ikura.

Another surprise is the use of Niigata rice that is beautifully flavoured with the classic Japanese condiments. As you can see, the bowl is gloriously presented and I assure you, it tastes just as good.

Shiro Maguro Boru and Onsen

And yet, the best dish here is somewhat more modest looking. The tuna is cured and marinated for that extra depth of flavour, and a sensuous onsen egg is added to give the rice bowl a creamy moisture. The sauce is also specially concocted with an intoxicating soy and spicy kick and when you mix it all up, it is easily one of my favourite bowls this year. Or any other year. Looks not withstanding.

Wasabi Mayo

Elsewhere, there are about another half dozen different assortment of bowls that should meet your Chirashi requirements and craving. There is also a truffle somen, but as it is perfumed with the oil variant, I shall refrain from commenting. You know my intolerance to that sort of stuff, but some of the kiddies will lap it all up, I am sure.

As of now, this pop up is going on until August, though there are no specific plans to continue. Here's hoping Boru Boru will be a permanent fixture after the pop-up period, either here or elsewhere. The sauces are honestly quite brilliant, and almost on a level with Teppei's offerings.

Chef Chng is also new to the scene, so it is gratifying to see him achieving a high level of cuisine at this stage. You can literally smell the potential here.

Boru Boru
41 Beach Road

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