Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tagliatelle Alfredo Recipe With Barilla Chef Andrea Tranchero

Our first Barilla professional series recipe video features an Italian classic, Tagliatelle Alfredo as cooked by Chef Andrea Tranchero. This recipe serves 4 persons.

Start by salting a pot of boiling water with 2 tsp salt until it tastes like saltwater. Boil 250g of tagliatelle pasta from Barilla in the salted water for 7 minutes. After 5 minutes, use a pair of tongs to stir the softened noodles to prevent sticking.

For the Alfredo sauce, use 80g unsalted butter and 160g grated parmigano reggiano. Cut the butter into small cubes and grate the parmigano into a cup to be used later.

Find a large plate and first add a few cubes of butter onto the plate, followed by a few spoons of parmigiano. 

Once the tagliatelle is fully cooked after 7 minutes, transfer half of the paste onto the plate. Then add a few more cubes of butter and a few more spoons of parmigano on top. 

Add some of the pasta water and quickly toss to mix and emulsify the cheese and butter into the tagliatelle pasta. 

Next, transfer the remaining pasta on top of the tossed pasta and repeat the layering of butter and cheese. Add some more pasta water if it is too dry. Season with fresh black pepper.

You should finish the remaining butter but set aside a few handfuls of parmigiano. Give everything a final toss to emulsify the remaining the cheese and butter and you should get a delicious and creamy cheese sauce that has been thoroughly absorbed into the pasta.

You can simply enjoy the Alfredo on the big plate or transfer a portion onto a serving plate. Either way, simply sprinkle more parmigano on the final plate. And it’s done!

So simple yet amazingly delicious. No cream nonsense, and no unnecessary protein like chicken and salmon. The simple yet effective umami from the cheese is so good on its own, and the butter for a lovely emulsion.

True fact, this dish was invented because a restaurant owner wanted to cook something simple for his wife who fell ill, and Alfredo was thus born!

These days, we see this dish brutally bastardised in cafes and middling restaurants with excessive moats of cream, often split and greasy and simply ghastly.

Chef Andrea simply layers the pasta, cheese and butter and tosses with the hot steam of the pasta to emulsify all the fat for a marvellous pasta treat. And seasoned with pepper for freshness.

So good you can have this any time and again and again! And you know it’s a keeper when that last bite is good as the first.

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