Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Why We Are Eating More Grass Fed Beef Today.

Grass fed beef refers to the cows feeding on just grass as their diet, and it will yield a more leaner meat and a lesser fat content. 

Grass fed beef will also have more nutritional content when compared to grain fed beef. 

It can have as much as five times more omega-3 fatty acids to the grain fed ones. 

Conjugated linoleic acid which is a beneficial fat known to improve immunity and reduce inflammation, is known to be higher in grass fed beef. 

Grass fed beef will likely have a higher content of vitamins, key nutrients and antioxidants. 

For all these health benefits, we prefer to choose a grass fed steak whenever it is available, both at home and when we dine outside. 

There’s also an ethical reason also for eating more grass fed beef.

Cows wandering and feeding on grass is a thing of nature. The poop they generate will also act as a fertiliser for the grass to grow again. 

It’s a sustainable cycle that can be good for greenhouse gas emissions as the belching and flatulence from grass fed cows may be lower than grain fed ones.

Grain fed cows are taken away from their natural grass pastured environments to be reared in more cramped conditions. 

They are also fed on an unhealthy diet of corn based grains and additives. Furthermore, they are also usually injected with antibiotics and hormones for them to grow fatter and faster. 

In essence, we are consuming metabolically unhealthy beef from fast tracked, grain fed beef. That’s why we are eating less grain fed beef now.

They say we are what we eat is only partially true. We are what our foods eat is more accurate.

And consuming beef from a cow that has lived a more natural and healthy life will likely pass that on to us as well. 

We have been spoiled on the more tender yet less flavourful grain fed and wagyu beef for too long. There are wagyu beef that are fully grass fed though. 

Grass fed steaks may be less tender, but they also have more natural beef flavours. 

Let’s get back to the original goodness and flavours of how beef used and ought to taste like.

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