Saturday, September 25, 2010

Burger Bench and Bar

Heard so much about Burger Bench n Bar (otherwise known as b3 from now), that we made a trip to this new Willin Low creation at Orchard Cineleisure.

It was relatively packed on a Saturday afternoon, where a steakhouse used to be at. Guess that one didn't fare too well.

The decor was quite nice and zen, almost kinda spacey in a way. The place itself was quite small, with only about 6 or 7 benches. But burgers were what we were here for ...

Saute Mixed Mushroom Burger
Pauline had the Saute Mixed Mushroom Burger, which kinda reminded me of the Mushroom Swiss from BK, but in reality they are really quite worlds apart.

For one, b3 claims not to use any preservatives in their food, and they use fresh beef to make their patties with. It is certainly far healthier.

The mushrooms were a mixed of shitake, button and something else. And while it was certainly flavorsome in the mushroom sense, we could have used a bit more in the end. The buns they used are the harder sesame type, whilst I prefer the soft sesameless ones.

Nevertheless, the burger tasted fresh and wholesome, which was the objective anyway. In the end, it did lack a certain hearty flavor you get from normal burgers from the other usual joints.

Sarawak Black Pepper Beef Burger
I had the Sarawak Black Pepper Beef Burger, which had very similar garnishings, but have a more flavorsome pepper sauce that went along with it. Had nice slice of tomato as well, and overall was more tasty.

The burgers could come with either fries that are freshly made or chips which they will slice from fresh potatoes and deep fry. We tried both and they were certainly good on both accounts, but for those who like it salt heavy, you will be sorely disappointed.

For those who remember my post about Fergburger, b3 does not come close to it as the Ultimate burger. But for those who are looking for a nice and healthy alternative, b3 certainly provides that ... at a price.

Burgers start around $7 dollars and above, so a meal for 2 with drinks will set you back about 20 or more.

Fergburger still rules ... but b3 is burger cool in this town too.

Burger Bench and Bar
Orchard Cineleisure #01-02 Orchard Cineleisure, 8 Grange Rd


  1. I guess there always has to be a BEST burger. And maybe B3 is just the best in terms of health but not taste? Hmmm. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are so right :)

    i always like a good burger, now there's at least a good burger even when you dont want to put on the calories

  3. I like the different kinds of mushrooms they used though...I've been eyeing the mushroom stand at the farmer's market and this tempts me even more!

  4. yup the mix of shrooms had a nice flavor about it .. jus not enough .. haha