Friday, September 10, 2010

Fragrant Seafood and Leek Congee

For once, I will let Pauline take the spotlight as this is mostly her recipe. It came about largely due to a time (not so long ago) when I was too ill to cook.

Out of my desperation for congee, and the only grains we had in the house was actually risotto rice, she concocted this out of what was available in our fridge.

To begin, chopped some bacon and brown them in a pan until the flavors arise. Season some sliced thread fin fish (you can use other similar white fish) with salt, pepper, chinese wine and sesame oil and lightly fry them in the same pan with the bacon and remove, set aside.

In a pot, saute some chopped leeks and finely sliced ginger for a few mins. Dash some chinese wine to sizzle. Add rice grains and let them brown for a min or 2.

Next add sufficient chicken stock and bring it to a boil before turning the heat to medium and let it simmer for 20 mins to let the rice cook through. Add some crab legs (if not, crab sticks but not as desirable) for additional flavors.

About 10 mins before the rice is properly cooked, add in the bacon and fish slices and let the flavors infuse. Once the congee is about ready, add in some chopped spring onion for some color.

To serve, plate the congee and add some finely julienned ginger and chinese parsley to garnish. The taste should be very flavorsome!

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