Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fergburger - The Best Burger I Ever Had

Carl's Junior, MOS, Burger King ... you name it. Nothing beats New Zealand's Fergburger. I found it in Queenstown, NZ last year.

It was packed the evening I was recommended there, and the choices were certainly mouth-watering.

Little Lamby, Sweet Bambi, Mr Big Stuff and of course, the Fergburger! Seeing I was not gonna be back NZ for some time, I went for the big one ... Mr Big Stuff!

It had 1/2lb of NZ Prime beef, melted edam (no idea what edam is but it was really good!) cheese, streaky bacon (sinful), tomato, lettuce, red onions, bbq sauce and aioli, whew!

If this wasn't enough to put 2 grown Singaporeans to sleep after consumption, I don't know what is! But truth be told, it was really well put together. The ingredients were really fresh, and the prime beef oozed terrific juicy goodness and moistness.

When you bite into the whole package, the flavors all come together wonderfully in one single sinful mouthful! And you wash it down with some good coke and fresh fries.

Just take a look at the photo here and see what I mean. After having this last year, I am just hungering more of this.

Fergburger, if you are reading this, consider setting up an outlet here. Oh, btw, my burger cost a whopping NZ$15 bucks! But it was worth every cent, I assure you.

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