Friday, September 10, 2010

Gao Feng Minced Pork Noodles

Gao Feng Minced Pork Mee Stall
Living near Bishan, it's only a stone's throw away from Upper Thomson, a place I frequent.

We happened to be heading to the Kampong Chicken stall, but after alighting from the bus, this stall happened to caught our attention, so decided to give it a shot instead.

Saw that the abalone bak choh mee was only 3 dollars, which sounded more than reasonable.

Prior to this, my own fav BCM (Bak Choh Mee) was near my previous workplace, in the food court in Great World City.

What I liked about that BCM was that it was full of flavors in the bowl, which included a deep fried wanton and the vinegar, soy and chilli mixture was well-balanced.

Going into this Gao Feng stall, my expectations was rather high as this was Upper Thomson, normally known for good food, and they had some newspaper cuttings as well advertised. We ordered 2 rather hotter than usual barley drinks to go along with it.

Bak Choh Mee with Abalone Slice

The mee was a bit more al dente than most, but I personally like my noodles a bit firmer, so was pretty alright with it. The vinegar, soy and chilli was good and nicely balanced. And the ingredients were abundant so no complaints there. The minced pork was nicely seasoned too.

The only negative was the rather sad abalone slice that came with it. It almost got lost and felt rather not very abalonish. Would be good if their pig liver was a bit more generous though, as both our bowls had only one small slice each.

The soup was ok, but somewhat salty. Overall, for a bak choh mee, it was not too bad, and certainly above average from most neighborhood stalls. And at 3 dollars, even without the abalone, it is certainlly very good value.

Deep Fried Wanton

After we had our fill, I was still rather hungry, so decided to order an extra side of deep fried wanton. The noodles came only with the normal wanton, which had a nice filling, so wanted to taste how the fried ones would turn out.

In the end, we were pleasantly surprised that the deep fried wantons were really delicious. Nicely crisped on the outside, the filling was well seasoned and brought a nice flavorsome taste. They tasted like they were just freshly made. We gobbled it up in mins.

There are probably even better BCMs out there, and I understand the stall next door (Ming's Kitchen) is also pretty good in BCM. We just happened to see a larger crowd at Gao Feng on the day, but would likely give Ming's a spin another day to compare. For those near the area, you should give it a try.

Gao Feng Minced Pork Noodles
246 Upper Thomson Road


  1. Hi Ian

    First visit to your blog and I am really enjoying it :) BCM is one of my very favourite comfort foods and $3 for a hit, with abalone, is enough to make me cross our little island for a bowl!!

    Hope to keep reading you....

  2. denise @ quickies on the dinner tableSeptember 10, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    P/s - Just noticed you are up for Project Food Blog! Proud to support a fellow Singy foodie! All the best Ian - hope you kick the competition's butt ;)

  3. thanks denise! and yeah, i will be bloggin regularly so come back often yeah

    as for the project fb ... i am just entering for the fun of it ... dont think i will be kickin anyone's butt ... hehe .. but thanks for the encouragement!

    likewise, really like yr site too, and your wit! good luck too in the competition!

  4. Hi,

    Meng Kitchen is much much better based on crowd observed. The mee and flavour is much better. All the best for ya project.