Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gourmet Breakfast

There was this one evening, when as usual, Pauline came back late from work and basically was hungering for a full meal and there I was, scratching my head to figure out a way to cook a full meal with what was basically only breakfast stuff in the fridge.

So, the natural thing was to cook breakfast as a dinner meal! 

The key part here is the scrambled eggs, and to cook great scrambled eggs is really not that hard. In addition, I use chirozo to replace the traditional sausage and if you have either parma ham and panchetta, to replace the classic bacon bit.

For the eggs, add a knob of butter to about 2 eggs and put it on very low heat. Continuously stir until the butter melts and the eggs fold over the butter at the same time. Occasionally you may need to remove from heat to prevent the eggs from cooking too fast.

Keep repeating this until the eggs form into a nice velvety texture and hardens. At this stage, add some cold cottage cheese and let it fold into the mixture. Finally for the eggs, chop either some chives or spring onion to give it some kick and color.

To plate, base the plate with the scrambled eggs almost like a sauce and add pan fried panchetta, chorizo and some additional green garnish. Add a toast if you like. And thus, this became a full meal for my wife's dinner.

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