Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From My Laptop to the Kitchen - Project Food Blog Official Entry

For the past couple of days, I been perplexing on what to put up for the entry for the competition. The entry is to touch on what defines a food blogger and what I think will make the next star of food blogging.

Myself, I am just literally weeks into food blogging, so I do not consider myself a foremost authority on food blogging.

But I do love cooking and eating, and find that it is one of those rare activities where one can both partake in the enjoyment and appreciation of food, and at the same time, anyone can cook and create good food.

Having come from a corporate culture (and in a technology field no less), cooking and the technology business are worlds apart. Or is it?

Being a food blogger now, I feel what defines me is what I was before I came to the blogging world. All 30 years of me, in fact. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to be involved in the creative arts. But, for some reason, the creative path eluded me, till now.

Admittedly, being in a respectable position in a rather large enterprise has its perks, and positives. But there was always that yearning within me to pursue something more creative, something that I can leave an impression on people, and not worry about managing systems, servers and backup drives etc.

This has led me to food and culinary pursuits. It is here that I can now, in my early 40s, find an avenue for my creative expressions. Not just in the creation of recipes and food, but also to partake in reviewing and appreciating great food alike.

And food blogging for me, also marries my ability and love for writing, an activity which I believe I can do relatively well, and has always wanted to do more of. And talking about food, writing about food is the perfect way to expand my writing skills and capabilities.

My anchor in life

But above all this, it is also my dear and lovely wife of 11 years that this passion of food and this entire blog is devoted to. For what truly defines me as a person, as an amateur chef, as a food writer/blogger, as a husband is really down to the one true anchor in my life, Pauline.

So, does that make me the next food blog star? I doubt it, but there is nothing I rather do today, than to share my passion with food with than the entire food blogging community, especially the folks at Foodbuzz.

In a short amount of time, I have gotten to know a number of friends from Foodbuzz and have enjoyed reading countless blogs from all over the world. Star or not, I think what is important in a food blog, is to understand not just the food being blogged, but the blogger's own personality and passion for food.

Ultimately, this is what I hope to achieve with The Silver Chef blog, which is through the writing of food, that the readers out there get to know the person behind the apron. Whether this means I can be the next star or not, is only secondary.

This is the Silver Chef, cooking from the heart with passion ... and writing for anyone who has an interest for food.


  1. I love using blogging as an outlet as well! An outlet for all that creative energy that builds up when we don't get to use it every day. Great entry!

  2. Thanks! i believe that all of us have some degree of creative talent and energy .. its just finding the right outlet ... seems ours is food and cooking!

    thanks for droppin by again :) really appreciate it! join my silver followers hehe ... i will go over yr site and do likewise!

  3. A very honest and heartfelt post :) It's heartwarming to know that your sights are set higher and further than just a blog competition! Kudos to you for keeping the bigger picture in sight - self expression and fulfilment!

  4. Thanks Karen and Denise for the lovely comments! Its always a joy to wake up to read every comment posted here :) the joy of blogging is to share .. just glad that ppl are enjoying what i am putting up

  5. Hi cousin, Your sister just told me about your blog and so here I am. My culinary skills are zero or rather minus 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.But it's OK I will read your blog and perhaps I can ask my wife to try some of the recipes.

  6. Thanks Nate! Or is that Annie? Really appreciate it! and aloha too :)

  7. it is great how you combined your love of technology with food to channel your creativity. i look forward to your upcoming posts :)

    btw, i still have not met one singaporean that doesn't love food.

  8. thanks for the lovely comment! and true, all sg love to eat, here's to making all of us eat alittle better everyday!

  9. Thanks for your comment. What a great site you have. Good luck with the contest!

  10. Aww,love your shout out to your wife. I just gave you a vote. You can check out my entry here: http://tinyurl.com/2ec2hlq Thanks and good luck!!

  11. cookingformark: thanks for dropping by, glad you like my site!

    Lindsay: appreciate your lovely comment on my entry ... you got my vote too!

  12. Beautiful post! I'm glad you've found a creative outlet in blogging! It's mine as well! And what a sweet thing to say about your wife! I'm sure she's proud to have you as her husband!

    Best of luck with PFB! Just voted for you!

    If you like, you can check out mine here:



  13. Thanks for the nice comments, and Pauline appreciates it too :) u got my vote as well!