Sunday, September 12, 2010

Micro Breakfast Amuse Bouche

This is kind of a spin-off from my gourmet breakfast post which I did before.

In essence, this is to create a mouthful of morning goodness in a spoonful, to be effectively used as a mouth amuser.

To prepare, just use the same components for the gourmet breakfast. Make a portion of scrambled eggs enough for 2 persons.

Instead of panchetta, use normal bacon and fry them in a pan to bring out the flavors. Dice them very small so they can fit into a spoon later.

Saute some mushrooms and tomatoes as well. Equally, dice them into very small portions before you put them in the pan. Season them with pepper only as the bacon will have enough of the savoriness for a spoonful!

Finally, make a toast and cut into small square pieces, small enough to fit into the spoon (one piece per spoon). To plate, put the toast first, followed by a teaspoon full of scrambled eggs (garnished with some green onions first if you like), then the mushroom, tomatoes and the bacon right on top.

It should look similar to the picture here, but for this occasion, I did add some leeks to the bacon for extra flavoring. It should taste like breakfast in a mouthful!


  1. Your recipes look delicious!! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- cool to meet fellow bloggers from around the globe! :) Happy cooking!

  2. Thanks! really appreciate your comments! Come back often for more great recipes, and likewise i will be going yrs pretty often from now!

  3. What a great idea! I love little spoonfuls to tempt your palate...

  4. Thanks for dropping by! love your tasty trials site ... and you are a wonderful cook just by lookin at yr recipes, professionally trained or not :)

  5. What a great idea to serve breakfast like this!

  6. Thanks! I am always trying to find new ways to present familiar foods in different settings ... :)