Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bishan Toast Box At Junction 8 With Video

Living in Bishan, Pauline and myself have a tendency to walk to Junction 8 shopping mall for our weekend breakfast meals, and we would regularly end up eating toast and eggs with our coffee and tea.

Up until recently, Toast Box had been operating in one corner of Junction 8, but just a month or so back, they have occupied a new 2 storey building just next to the MRT train station.

This new building is now fully air-conditioned and houses a much larger seating capacity and even has a Japanese ramen outlet on the second floor.

While Ya Kun and Killiney Kopitiam have been dominating the Singapore breakfast scene for years, Toast Box has seen a large increase in its outlets and personally, I have always preferred Toast Box out of the 3 brands.

And because they are affiliated with Bread Talk, it is always very convenient to grab some additional bread and confectionery next door. Bread Talk apparently provides the bread for Toast Box and are often seen side by side next to each other.

This new outlet is really very nicely furnished and spots the usual all white tables and chairs. Toast Box always seem to be more spacious when compared to Ya Kun and this is the case here as well.

A Singaporean Breakfast

For those not from these shores, a typical Singaporean breakfast usually consists of runny eggs, some toast (with butter, kaya or in our case, otah paste) and a traditionally brewed cup of coffee or tea to wash all the food down.

Runny Eggs

Unlike in Ya Kun, you will have to break your own eggs in Toast Box. While the eggs in Ya Kun are still the largest I have had, the eggs in Toast Box are still much bigger than the ones you find in most traditional coffee shops. Lightly seasoned with dark soy sauce and white pepper, the eggs are always perfect to start the day with.

Otah Toast

Toast Box was initially known for its peanut butter thick toast, and they serve it like a mini Hong Kong thick toast. Here, they are much thinner, but diced into little cubes for easier consumption.

We much prefer the otah paste ones instead, as the savory nature of the otah paste really went well with the toast and the hot beverages. Otherwise, the more sinful peanut butter toast will serve the sweeter toothed ones better.

Fragrant Cups of Traditionally Brewed Teas

And what is a Singaporean breakfast without a nicely brewed cup of tea or coffee? Here, the teas are about par and served in the classic kopitiam cups. For coffee drinkers, the coffee here is not half bad either.

It is really pleasant to take your morning goodness in this newly minted Toast Box outlet. Wonderfully cosy, the classic breakfast fare and the fragrance of the teas and coffees will really perk you up for the day.

Bishan Toast Box
Junction 8, next to Bishan MRT Train Station

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Junction 8.
No otah toast was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Four Leave Clover" performed by Diana Vickers.


  1. i also prefer toast box, like their peanut butter thick toast the best. if share with someone, not so guilty - Derrick

  2. then go for the otah toast, slightly less sinful! ease your guilt a bit

  3. U live in Bishan? Just back from there. Went to Ding Tai Feng for dinner :) Toast Box is one of my fave hunts. I love the Milk Tea Jelly O. Really a great creation!

  4. milk tea jelly o ..hmmm ... sounds interesting .. :) and yeah, we live in bishan for nearly 12 years now

  5. i have not visited toast box before, what makes it stand out for you? (:

  6. stargirl, for one thing, the otah toast is something i enjoy and not found anywhere else :)

  7. You can see here how Toast Box prepare the Otah Toast.. this was taken in KSL City Shopping Mall in JB.

  8. I am a huge toast box fan, and I've been to this outlet you've written about - in fact i've been to all TB outlets in Singapore - some 24 of them...
    You can check out my post on toast box here -

  9. danesha, well thats amazing! u must really be a fan of tb!

  10. Does anyone know what the recipe is, or how to cook the toastbox chicken curry? It's nonya style chicken curry, isn't it?

    It reminds me of childhood and all the curry chicken I've tried in modern times (except toastbox's) don't have that taste.

  11. Fellow Toast Box Fans, just to share the love, there is a new and cosy outlet at West Coast Plaza and they have a Facebook page now -!