Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wild Honey In Mandarin Gallery

Wild Honey was always one of those places that drew our curiosity, simply because every time we pass by it, there is always a long queue.

Pauline wanted to try this place out and eventually, we went on a Friday and was asked to wait for at least half an hour for a table.

Unfortunately, the time management was not very efficient, and we eventually only got our table after more than an hour, and we had even wanted to move elsewhere in fact.

But the server assured us the food would be worth the wait, and despite our reservations, we finally settled down to a rather cosy and country cottage style setting that was actually quite comfortable and soothing. Only a bit dark in certain areas.

Wild Honey serves only breakfast fare, but the unique twist here is their menu is based on individual nationality, hence Belgian will get you some chocolate infused food and English will probably put to bed with its full suite of meats and eggs.


Pauline opted for Italian, which was an open faced omelette with sliced ripe tomatoes and baby spinach. The omelette was served in a hot pan, and looked the part. Tastewise, it was really a well made omelette, a bit crusty on the edges and still slightly moist within.


Being really hungry that afternoon, I went for the English breakfast which consisted of scrambled egges, bacon and sausages. It had a lovely sauteed mushroom underneath which was nicely perfumed with fresh thyme, which I thought was a nice touch.

The scrambled eggs did have a hint of either milk of cream but it was smooth and very palatable. On both plates, they used a very fresh loaf of bread which hinted to Wild Honey using very high end ingredients.

However, this also translated to very high prices for having a breakfast meal here. Having a meal for 2 easily set us back $60, which would mean a very fine meal in a fine dining restaurant elsewhere.

Compound to that, the long waiting time meant that going to Wild Honey is more of an indulgence rather than a regular event. If they can rectify these 2 faults, Wild Honey would rate more highly in my book.

I did really enjoy the food there and perhaps, if Wild Honey can have a bit more variation than just breakfast fare, this would really be the place to go in town.

Wild Honey
#03-02, Mandarin Gallery
Orchard Road

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  1. I really like the European breakfast here, the eggs benedict are to die for!