Monday, January 3, 2011

Best and Top 5 Restaurants in Singapore

As I continue my very belated "Best of" Lists, we would like to present our choices for best Singapore restaurants today.

Bear in mind that this list, like all lists, is very subjective and is only reflective on Pauline and my thoughts and views of the food places here.

Having said that, we have based this list of best restaurants on the quality of food, the service, the general ambience and comfort levels and most importantly, the return to dine factor.

Here then is our top 5 Singapore restaurants:

5. Skinny Pizza

This place is almost deceptive, as we tend to enjoy more the non-pizza selections than the actual pizzas served here. The pizzas are unique and good, and healthy as well. But it is the pastas, the risottos and the paellas that have got us hooked on them.

The service is exceptional and would probably rate as the most pleasant and friendly environment here for a non-Chinese eatery.

4. Iggy's

Iggy's has always been the place we go to for our special occasions. Not least, because of the great food and wonderful fusion that takes place behind the kitchen. The wine selection is exceptional and the place is small but absolutely comfortable.

It is always a very good place to go for an executive lunch, and for the prices during lunch, it is certainly value for money. Dinner is a bit on the high side, but worth every cent.

3.  Le Chasseur

This is one of the newest finds for us and it is indeed a very humble eatery and very unpretentious. The menu selection is one of the biggest we have seen, if not, the largest in town.

But it is the owner, Andy, whose passion for food and cooking that shines through. There are so many wonderful dishes and to top it all, there is no MSG and artificial flavoring used in their foods. Oh, and no GST as well.

2. Sky on 57

Although we have been to Sky only once so far, the experience was so memorable that we have ranked it as high as this on our list. Justin Quek is a genius chef that can create food as good as any Michelin star chef.

The view is spectacular and the service is great, especially when you get Sam. We believe Sky, despite being only opened for a short span, will only get better over time.

1. Cafe De Hong Kong

Our absolute favourite place to go to now, is also another humble restaurant tucked away in an obscure corner in Balestier. The surroundings is homey and comfy, and we love the paintings and drawings that decorate the place.

The service is top-notch and feels more like a family outing every time we come here. And they will help you with finding the best parking spot too!

The food is stunning, with almost every dish on the menu a highlight in most other chinese restaurants. And Francis is the perfect owner and host, and will make you feel at home and at ease very quickly.

And the french toast is always a great way to end a satisfying meal at CDHK.

This then is our choices for our favourite restaurants in Singapore.


  1. Happy New Year, Ian!

    Of the above, I've only been to Iggy's @ Regent. It's in my top of the list too but haven't been to the new venue. It was fully booked on few occasions when it reopened @ Hilton.

    Have u been to Rest Andre? I've been invited there recently by Fendi & food's really good. Read all about it @ Fendi’s ‘Thank U’ Lunch @ Restaurant André!

  2. Happy new year too! and nope, never been to andre yet, but i take your word for it ... will bring my wifey there soon ... our anniversary is coming up! hehe ... not to mention valentine's day

  3. Happy new year! I'm definitely planning to try out Le Chasseur and Cafe de HK!

  4. Make that your NY resolution :)

  5. Sorry to be a wet blanket. Totally agree about taste is being subjective. However, I think it might be better to title this as current favourite. After all how to justify a single visit to name the restaurant best? Besides, I think there are a lot more restaurants out there you ought to try before declaring a blanket judgement. I am sure you will have an exciting time doing that.

    Glad you like CdHK, one of my favourite Chinese restaurant and Le Chasseur, one of the better claypot rice (because of the basmati and claypot), but you still ought to try out Lian He Ban Ji and Geylang Lorong 33.

  6. Yes you have a good point, in fact i have meant to this to be a perpetual work in progress post or should have just titled my favourites for 2010. nevertheless, i intend to revisit this list maybe every 6 months or so.

    will sure take up your suggestions on the rest .. this is the fun of doing lists, you get to revisit it time and time again!