Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hopetoun Tea Rooms On Collins Street In Melbourne

This is the first of my Melbourne food reviews, and I have elected to go with our most favourite place, the lavish and opulent Hopetoun Tea Rooms.

Found in the equally historical looking Block Arcade on Collins St, this is a great reminder of the wonderful English tea rooms of the past.

Despite having only a very small area, the tea room actually looked much larger than it actually was.

The posh decorations, and the friendly service from the waitresses only enhanced the overall experience and comfort levels. This would be a perfect resting place for marathon shoppers in and around the area.

The food served here would be akin to tea time food, which meant you would likely end up with sandwiches, soups and salads etc. But the quality here far surpassed what you would get in most tea cafes.

Caribbean Crab Salad

I had the caribbean crab salad and it was gorgeous! The mixture of minced crabmeat, avocado and a nice mayonnaise elicited the most wonderful combination of flavors and textures. Perfect with my pot of Earl Grey tea.

Chicken, Bacon and Leek Hot Pot

Pauline had this hot pot of chicken, bacon and leeks. Again, the mixture of these flavors were delicious and aromatic the moment the plate hit our table. She especially liked the bowl of sweet green peas done French style. It was beautiful to say the least.

Selection of Tea

And what is a tea room without great tea? Served in appropriate tea pots and cups, our pots of Earl Grey and Camomile were refreshing and accompanied our delicious food perfectly.

Having been to Hopetoun Tea Rooms, we only wished we can find a similar place like this back home in Singapore. So if any of you know of something similar, please point the Silver Chef in the right direction.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms
282 Collins Street
The Block (shop 1 & 2), Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


  1. Whilst you were in my home town of Melbourne I was eating my way around Northern India and then Malaysia. I'm curious though as this post of the Hopetoun Tea Rooms is the only one I could find - I'm presuming you tried many more?

  2. hi Rumbaba, yes i did have many other eating adventures in the fascinating city of Melbourne, but I only got arond to blog this one so far. I will do my best to write more about melbourne real soon. thanks for reading!