Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uncle Kun Lunar New Year Goodies 根叔年糕 With Video

Seeing that Lunar New Year is just around the corner, I thought The Silver Chef should do a blog on something relating to the festive season.

And what better way to do this post than to talk about Uncle Kun's special Lunar New Year Goodies, which is only available until the eve of Chinese New Year.

Uncle Kun has specially prepared 4 different types of festive cakes for the Year of the Rabbit, and as one would expect from Uncle Kun, they are all supremely excellent!

Year Cake 年糕

The year cake, or glutinous cake, is actually made from cane sugar, and hence, it is less sweet and more importantly, it is not sticky in the mouth like most others you find even in restaurants here. It is so good and soft, that it is excellent on its own without further frying with egg etc.

Radish Cake

The radish cake has this delightful "melt in the mouth" quality that is almost indescribable. And unlike other radish cakes, there is a generous amount of chopped radish within, and this makes it all the more fragrant and crunchy to the bite.

Water Chestnut Cake

This water chestnut cake will make a wonderful dessert anytime. As with the other cakes, Uncle Kun takes the effort to put in extra doses of ingredients and the water chestnut pieces really add to the delightful texture of this particular sweet cake.

Yam Cake

For the yam cake, this is actually similar to the one he normally serves, and hence you get the same smooth, creamy and soft texture. Here, he adds some additional garnish of dried shrimp and dried anchovies. If you like his yam cake before, you are going to like this even better!

New Year Goodies

From the Silver Chef's perspective, all of these new year items are highly recommended as they are all very affordable, and at less than S$14 per cake, there is really great value for money.

In addition, these are all limited and Uncle Kun has mentioned that after Monday, he will only be selling these only to those who have pre-ordered. In other words, if you are reading this now, you better get to Uncle Kun as soon as you can!

Uncle Kun Delicacies (Gen Shu Mei Shi Shi Jia 根叔美食世家)
Toa Payoh Lorong 4
Block 74 Food Centre #01-03

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Bishan void deck.
No water chestnut cake was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"发如雪" performed by 周杰倫.

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  1. The Yam Cake looks really good. Yum yum!

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