Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sky On 57 at Marina Bay Sands

Sky on 57 at Marina Bay Sands comes with a great deal of reputation, not least, head chef Justin Quek is one of Singapore's foremost chefs.

Perched high up in MBS's centerpiece, Sky offers a breathtaking view of the city to go along with its creative cuisine and is a perfect venue for a romantic meal.

Pauline and I went there just prior to Christmas for lunch and was offered either the a la carte menu, which was basically a premium take on many local dishes, or the Christmas set lunch.

We naturally opted for the set, and for the most part, was very satisfied with this selection.

Scallop Kataiffi

The scallop kataiffi was nicely done. The scallops were well cooked and enshrouded in deep fried strings akin to the deep fried dim sum bearded shrimp/bananas that we are so accustomed to.

Christmas Delight

Much better was this dish of foie gras terrine, Japanese eel and smoked salmon parfait. Each component was absolutely delicious, especially the parfait, which was smooth and had a lovely taste of the ocean.


For the mains, Pauline had this lovely take on turkey which was basically a very well cooked and tender turkey roll swimming in a flavorsome mushroom sauce that almost had the texture of a consomme.


I had a simple plate of penne cooked with Alaskan smoked bacon and garnished generously with white truffles. The simplicity of this dish could not be more overstated. It was simply delightful, though I would have taken the turkey in hindsight.

We had a wonderful lunch at Sky, and Justin was on hand to do his rounds to check on his diners, which was a nice touch. The servers were equally attentive, especially our server by the name of Sam.

He always had a smile on and was most eager to please, without ever getting in the way of our conversations.

For my money, Sky 57 is now one of my favourite premium restaurants here, and would definitely return for a dinner meal in the near future.

Sky on 57
57th Floor, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Side


  1. hi, love the review, but could u give more details on the pricing? thanks :)

  2. we had the xmas set, which if i remember correctly, was 65++ per head. it would be around iggy's range but not someting u would eat on a regular basis .. best for special occasions