Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loy Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge at Whampoa Hawker Market

In my ongoing series on Whampoa's finest eating places, I was referred by Bobcat to try one of the 4 heavenly kings of chicken rice, namely Loy Kee Chicken Rice.

I was also reliably informed by Bobcat from the ieat forums to specifically try Loy Kee at Whampoa as the other outlets are run by the brother of this stall. This is still the original and the best of the Loy Kee stalls, apparently.

Occupying not one but two stalls in the heart of Whampoa's busy hawker market, there was certainly no let up of traffic on the morning when we were there. I would expect the lunch crowd to be even much heavier.

Loy Kee Chicken Rice

As there were only 2 of us that morning, we opted for half a chicken with the usual chicken rice and another plate of bean sprouts to go along. And of course, there was a delicious bowl of soup to go along. As I commented before on chicken rice here, the good ones usually produce very good soup, and this was no exception.

Steamed White Chicken

The steamed chicken here was really unique and had very little oil on the skin. It was colder than usual for Hainanese chicken, but it was still very succulent nevertheless. The meat was pure and easy to bite into, and with so little oil on the outside, this was a very excellent plate of Hainanese steamed chicken. Almost as good as Leong's at Shunfu, but not nearly as supreme.

Fragrant Chicken Rice

The chicken rice was very well cooked and was full of garlic fragrance. The rice grains were just fluffy without being too mushy or too undercooked. The chicken flavors were just right too. All in all, one of the best chicken rice I have tasted so far, bar the chicken rice balls which I absolutely adore.

Bean Sprouts

The bean sprouts were pretty much par for the day, and the nice sesame and soy seasoning just about made this more than palatable. One thing I noticed was that the same sesame and soy seasoning was not too heavy on the chicken itself, which is rather rare these days.

But the chicken itself and the rice were the real highlights here. I have very little to fuss about and Loy Kee thoroughly deserves the 4 heavenly kings title.

Loy Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge
#01-49/50 Block 91
Whampoa Hawker Market


  1. I'm glad you tried this. This stall at Whampoa market is much nearer to me and yes... compared to Leong Hainanese Chicken Rice at Shunfu, I still agree with you that the latter is more supreme. Unfortunately, not many know about these 2 'gems' that are indeed cheap and very good.

  2. I often visit the Loy Kee @ Woodlands & I like it. Besides the delicious chix rice, their curry chix is also good.

  3. Mr. Loy Sai Hong, 61 year of age runs this Loy Kee Chicken Rice stall at the morning market Whampoa Drive Block 91. He now lives in a condo just across the street. All other Loy Kee branded chicken rice stalls/shops nationwide are run by his younger brother.