Thursday, December 2, 2010

XiMenDing Taiwan Cuisine

The basement of Raffles City has seen a lot of changes recently, and there are no lack of eating places there with a wide range of different cuisines.

One of the most recent addition is this new Taiwanese eatery, XiMenDing Taiwan Cuisine which is very nicely decorated and serves a wide selection of Taiwanese favorites.

The menu did indeed offer a very wide range of items, and being there for the first time, we elected to go with most of their house favorites and recommended dishes.

Stewed Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables

The stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables was suitably savory and would go well with steamed rice anytime. The pork belly was appropriately tender as well though admittedly, a number of restaurants do serve very similar quality pork belly dishes as this.

Grilled Fish Roe

The one standout was this plate of grilled fish roe which stood out for its price as well. Served more like an appetizer, the fish roe were very thinly sliced and grilled and had a smoky salty flavor to it. Accompanied by slices of onion and cucumber, the flavors did come together very well and was my favorite for the night.

Fruity Mocchi

Taiwanese desserts are well known for their color and variety, and it was no exception here as the fruity mocchi was both delicious and visually appealing. The mocchi skins that contained the fruity fillings went down well and proved refreshing after the savory dishes.

Egg Pudding

I had one final egg pudding which had a lovely caramel decoration on the top of the egg pudding and looked too lovely to eat. The egg pudding tasted more like egg custard and had a nice smooth and creamy texture to it.

Our verdict at the end of the meal was that the food was slighly above average for a cafe like this, but the price was a bit too high, but maybe that was because of the fish roe which I did adore. For those who do miss some of the flavors of Taiwan, this place could be one for you though.

XiMenDing Taiwan Cuisine
Basement One Raffles City

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