Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silverfish - The Music of The Silver Chef

In my previous posts, I have always mentioned how much I use the iPhone to take pictures and video, and even edit entire videos on the Apple device. Well, recently I have gotten an iPad ...

And Steve was not wrong when he said that the iPad is a magical device. Yup, it really is amazing at the amount of things you never thought you could, or even wanted to do on this Apple tablet.

And the one app that has fascinated me to no end is Apple's own GarageBand app. I have always had a fondness for making and creating music, but never would I thought that I would be doing it on a tablet!

The thing that impresses me most with GB is that it allows very authentic sounding music and tracks to be created without even plugging real music instruments.

And with that in mind, yours truly now has another project to follow up. The food video chronicles have so far been really satisfying and really a wonderful creative outlet for me. Now, I want to produce an entire soundtrack relating to food.

So, what I hope to accomplish in the next few weeks is to create a CD's worth of music with each track named after a food. That would be really fun and I think, add to what I have been doing on this blog and videos already.

For those of you with iPad who remember how your parents put through music or piano lessons and have not touched music for awhile, I urge you to try out this app. It is really that magical!

Just to give you a sampling, I have already completed 3 tracks, namely Ribeye (simply becos Pauline loves beef!), Lemongrass (an uplifting jaunty tune) and Abalone (oriental balladry). Below is Abalone.

I hope you guys will enjoy it!


Since my original post on this, things have been moving very quickly as not only have I completed the entire music album, entitled Silverfish, it has also been uploaded and being sold on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many other music stores worldwide.

I had written another article for Technorati which can be found here

Creating music on the iPad

And most excitingly, I was just featured on Channel 8 news just last night where I was interviewed about the album, my food blog and how iPad can allow music amateurs to create professional sounding music.

All in all, it has been a very whirlwind past couple of days as it has all happened very quickly.

Here is the link to the youtube video containing the news clip.

"Abalone" music written and performed by Ian Low
Recorded entirely on iPad 2 using GarageBand

Be sure to check out my new music blog, Sirloin Wine


  1. Ian,
    I am already logged in but still cannot access to play the music. Why?.. need owner's permission to view it????

  2. Forgo To set public, it's on now. Try again bib

  3. This is simply amazing! Not just because you did it on an iPad but where did you find the time!!


  4. Ian,
    Congrats on your new found talent. Wow.. heard some of your music already and I liked it.. real nice.. Since you already have 10 songs and perhaps more to come.. suggest you put the highest bit-rate ones into a CD and I will be your 1st customer.. You know I love music and good songs, especially local talent right here in Singapore. I will help to publicize them to my forum kakis when we meet at Amk332 on Wed and Fri. Hope to hear from you and if you have the time, please give me a call to chat.

    Oh.. tomorrow.. Sunday News on Ch 8, 630 pm and 10 pm Advertisement of the segment will begin today.

    "any one can be a Mozart, through your tablet or cell phone"....

    CONGRATS IAN.. You are in the news...

  5. Very nice! Like them all, and I agree you have immense talent. : )

  6. Screen capture from TV Sunday News 3 Jul 2011 on Ch 8, 630 pm and 10 pm

  7. hi ianlow, my first time here, thought i would see a foodie recpe, ha ha an i pad..oh ya, i would love to own one too. thanks for sharing the tips, do visit my blog too. have a nice day