Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah Chuan Oyster Omelette at Toa Payoh Lorong 7

Pauline has a penchant for oyster omelette, and yet, ironically enough, she would always leave the oysters to me as she just wants the non-oyster portions of this dish.

For me, I do not always enjoy this delicacy as I find most stalls do not have the right balance of flavors, and mind you, this is not a dish that is easily mastered.

Thankfully, and thanks to Les and Greg, I managed to discover this wonderful place in Toa Payoh that finally gave me a near perfect oyster omelette plate.

It is run by an elderly couple, and I was reliably informed that they do not always open everyday. In fact, we were just trying our luck the other day, and lady luck was smiling on us as they were opened and the steady stream of customers on a week day afternoon clearly showed that they were really popular.

Ah Chuan over his stove

Ah Chuan himself was busying over his stove, continuously cooking plate after plate of this local favorite dish. The thing that impressed and amazed me was how relaxed and steady he was, no sweat, no fussing, just pure coolness.

His wife, meanwhile, was all smiles and was thrilled to see familiar faces returning to their food, and one can see how such warm service can really bring people back.

Gorgeous Oyster Omelette

As for the omelette itself, it looked temptingly beautiful. Adorned with luscious and huge fried oysters, the aroma was the first thing that hit me and boy, was it aromatic!

The textures of this egg dish was multi-layered, and the real testament was how delicious and fragrant the eggs were cooked and fried, and mixed with the batter and came together with the sweetness of the oysters.

Generously garnished with chinese parsley, the entire plate was wonderfully balanced and tasty, and pairing it with the sharpness of the chilli sauce, you simply cannot ask for a better oyster omelette.

Located in the Lorong 7 food market, this is one local hawker that is destined to be legendary. Both for its incredible dish, and their warm nature of the owners who were both chatty and friendly.

The best oyster omelette anywhere. Hands down. Just hope you are lucky when you are there.

Ah Chuan Oyster Omelette
Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Food Centre

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