Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dove Desserts - Chendol at its Best!

In the concluding part of my Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Food Centre trilogy, I want to focus on desserts. After all, I practically started with an omelette appetizer, followed by a beef noodle main.

What better way to end this trio of food delicacies than to talk about one of the best chendols you can find here in Singapore, and I am talking about Dove Desserts.

Situated just a couple of stalls from Ah Chuan's, this humble looking hawker serves up a favorite that has many people raving about it and I have only just begun to realise how good it is.


The chendol here is homemade from pandan leaves, and it certainly showed, both in looks and in taste and texture. It did not exhibit any of the artificial coloring that permeates most local chendols.

Instead, it had a natural, almost pale green look. Texture wise, it was just about right. It had that nice bouncy crunch without being too hard and had the slightest hint of pandan fragrance.

As for the gula melaka and coconut milk combination, it also had a right balance to give it that classic chendol sweetness. The gula melaka was not as bitter as some, and compared to the ones I had in Melaka, it was not as intense.

Somehow, that lack of intensity worked and coupled with the lemakness of the coconut milk and the natural chendol, it exuded a very perfect balance of flavors that reminded me of a well made bandung drink.

I believed I have waxed enough lyrical prose on this fabulous dessert. All that is left is for you to visit this place and try it out yourself.

Dove Desserts
Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Food Centre


  1. great post. wish I could go to this kind of place. great blog! I've followed you through google friend connect. filsan lamberang is may name.