Sunday, October 4, 2015

Artisanal Frozen Yogurt at Milk and Honey - Refined Froyo Parfaits with Elegance

Frozen yogurt has been the rage since Llao Llao ruled the scene for some months now. Scenes of snaking queues were spotted in the basement of 313, but since the proliferation of other outlets, the waiting time has been considerably shortened.

Nevertheless, people just cannot seem to have enough of this. And Llao Llao is still pretty much value for money for what is on offer.

Since then, other froyo and soft serve names have cropped up and none of them can match Llao Llao. Until now.

Milk and Honey is almost subtle by contrast. Instead of neon green colours, it is a comforting honeycomb yellow for its decor. And at its Marina Square branch, it has ample seating area too. Something that Llao Llao lacks.

Lilac Dream

What stands out about Milk and Honey is its more refined approach to crafting out their yogurt cups. They employ more upmarket techniques and garnishes that are way beyond than just chocolate sauces and cut fruits.

Take this Lilac Dream for example. It has a beautifully executed lavender sauce that is both regal and elegant it its tone. Not too sweet either, and the added touch of a macaron on tops shows much skill and effort. More lavender goodness in the form of meringue and jello and it is a dessert more worthy of a Parisian patisserie than a simple yogurt shop.

What is also impressive is how everything comes together beautifully. Every component is complimentary of each other, and the entire cup seems so deliberate in its conception and so immaculate in the final result. No wonder they call their cups parfaits, as it is fully deserving of that naming.

Mango Passionfuit

For the more citrusy goer, this Mango Passionfruit cup is a delightful treat. Another well made macaron atop the smooth frozen yogurt that is as good as the more expensive commercial ones out there. That alone, is worth the price of admission.

More playful fruit jello cubes embedded inside the cup ensure that you will be surprised along the way, and the little bursts of mango and passionfruit flavours helps to refreshen one's senses too. Another parfait delight and wonder.

Sitong with Honey Velvet

Even singer/songwriter Lin Sitong is having a blast with her cup of Honey Velvet. Instead of hardened honeycomb, the drizzle of good quality honey works even better and little biscuity bits inside gives it more texture and fun.

Milk and Honey has now become my go to frozen yogurt place if I want the best of class in this category. There is something so special about each cup of parfait here that makes them so irresistible.

The price is not that far off from Llao Llao either, but for the extra passion and care they put into it, I certainly think it is more worthwhile to part with my money here. It is refreshing in every sense of the word to discover such refined elegance in these little bundles of artisanal froyo cups.

Milk and Honey
Outlets in Marina Square, Bukit Panjang Plaze and JEM
6 Raffles Boulevard
#03-128 Marina Square

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