Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Legendary Hong Kong Cart Noodles - And That Roast London Duck and Polo Bun

Legendary Hong Kong is back with a new concept as part of its offerings. In fact, it is the iconic cart noodles that started in the 50s in HK.

Back then, street vendors used to push carts around the back alleys and lanes to sell bowls of noodles with an assortment of toppings and sauces.

For the most part, that concept is replicated here, minus the actual carts themselves.

Situated not far from the current Legendary restaurant in a corner, the stall showcases a wide variety of ingredients that you can add to the freshly cooked noodles.

The key is in the soup stock, which is cooked for hours and fortified with pork, chicken, duck and fish to give it more depth and flavour.

Cart Noodles

You can choose from a range of noodles, but my recommended choice is their specially imported HK Nissin noodles. It is somewhat more eggy and has a lovely bite which makes it the perfect choice of noodles to go with the hearty broth.

Toppings include beef brisket, braised eggs, pig intestines, two types of wings (braised or fried) and a selection of vegetables. Overall, one bowl which can set you back 5 to 6 bucks is quite large for one person, and it is more than generous when compared to some of the other HK noodle competitors.

Overall, I find it very hearty and robust. Strong flavours dominate this famous HK classic, and for noodle lovers, you will likely lap this up in no time. The best HK noodles here so far.

Chee Cheong Fun with Deep Fried Shrimp

Since we were here at Legendary, we could not leave without sampling some of their popular dishes at the restaurant itself. And this Chee Cheong Fun with Deep Fried Shrimp ticks all the right dim sum boxes.

Cut into little parcels, the combination of well made rice flour skins that are just thin enough, and the crispy, crunchy textures of the shrimp is just unbeatable. A good soy sauce is a requisite in this dish, and it is no slouch here either. Addictive as anything you can get.

Roast London Duck and Pork Belly aka Sio Bak

As for their well talked about London Roast, let's just say it lives up the hype mighty well. Supposedly Irish ducks are used and they are distinctively much fatter and sweeter than what you normally get.

The roast is just about on the mark too, a lovely crisp and smoky tinge to the skin that is well seasoned and marinated.

The roast pork belly is just as revelatory as the duck. Brazilian pigs are used and it has a cleaner and sweeter taste, and the crackling is good despite the fact that it is not fresh from the oven.

Polo Bun

The Polo Bun makes a spectacular finish to the meal here too. Just admiring the crusty shell alone is enough to make one drool. Baked to an amazing perfection, the crust has a slight brittleness and yet flaky when you break it.

A fragrant buttery interior ensures that it is just not on the outside that dazzles, but a tasty dough within to sustain the culinary highs of eating this popular HK pastry. Now, all other polo buns will have to be judged against this one single marvel.

The restaurant itself does resemble a HK eatery, complete with HK scenery and sounds. The rustling, almost rowdy nature of the place lends the place a certain authenticity that will transport you for a few hours to the famous city.

As for the food, the noodles are something that will please the Singaporeans here with its affordability and its range. The restaurant favourites of duck, pork belly and buns are probably culinary stars in their own right now.

Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant and Cart Noodles
Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre
Next to Boon Lay MRT

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