Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra - A Roast Buffet to Savour!

Buffets are never my thing, until recently. Fullerton has consistently impressed me with both their regular selections as well as their guest chef stints.

But, for the most part, buffets are dull, recycled and predictable affairs of frozen seafood, sushi calamities and watered down versions of both local and western favourites.

The Carvery at the Park Hotel Alexandra is quite the exception to the buffet rule. Quite the opposite, it exemplifies what a great buffet spread should be about.

Instead of giving as much variety as possible, they instead, elect to just focus on a number of quality dishes and items which they are good at. Their main focus is on their roasts and they are in a word, brilliant and is as good and in fact, superior to similar other non-buffet roast options out there.

Roast Ribeye

This herb crusted ribeye is simply the bomb. Even the higher priced competitor in Mandarin Gallery has to take note of how beautiful this piece of meat is executed. Moist, juicy and flavourful.

The accompanying free flow jus is just ideal to go along. And the fact that this glorious protein is free flow makes this worthy of admission all on its own.

Roast Prime Ribs

The roast prime ribs is no slouch either. The chefs will gladly carve it out in front of you so you can see the original piece of meat in all its glory. Succulent as a plump nectar filled peach, this is meat nirvana. Again, you can have many of this as you desire. Trust me, you will want more than one slice.

Roast Chicken

The humble roast chicken takes center stage here, for it is the highlight of the roasts. This, coming after some brilliant roast beef, is no small feat. Soaked in a brine overnight to tenderise the meat and to extract even more flavours.

The resultant chuck is extraordinary. Amazingly tender but still firm to the bite, the lush yet rustic flavours of the chicken needs no additional condiments. So, so good.

Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire puddings served in buffets, if they are served at all, are usually stale and sad looking. Not the ones at the Carvery. They are cooked fresh in batches and you will likely get a piping hot one on the day.

The recipe must be the classic one as it has a nice balance of milk and eggs and is reminiscent of the beautiful ones I had when I was kid at the now defunct Beefeater joint along River Valley Road way back in the 70s and 80s.

Norwegian Salmon

The nordic salmon looks the part and they taste just as it should. For a buffet item, it shines and it will be suitable as a fine dining ala carte dish as well. A nice round up of bulb onions and dill to bring out the fish in all its flavours and colours.

English Trifle

I have never been a fan of the classic trifle. Until now that is, and of all places, to have the best tasting trifle in a buffet. It looks messy, as it should. But one spoonful is all it needs to charm me with its decadent mix of cream and fruits and delicate layers of sponge.

Neither too rich nor overpowering, it ensures a sweet end to the quality roasts on display and the version here truly brings some justice and standing to the tradition of this dessert.

Honestly, I will gladly pay ala carte prices for some of the individual items here. But to have it all under $60 for a buffet free flow offering is beyond reasoning. Nor persuasion. I am just so happy they can provide so much quality at this rate.

The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
7th Floor

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