Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diner En Blanc Singapore - Something White, Something Special

Diner En Blanc Singapore is back again, and will be held at a secret location on the 21st November evening.

This year is a special one as Diner En Blanc Singapore's theme is SG50, in conjunction with our jubilee year. So, expect the food that is both catered and brought by the participants to reflect a lot of our local heritage.

Started in 1988 by Francois Pasquier and his friends, Le Diner En Blanc has turned into a worldwide epicurean sensation.

The Paris edition attracts a yearly crowd of 15,000 alone, and the Singapore edition is expected to have close to 3,000 participants this year. As such, it is the most prestigious and anticipated food event of the year.

Alex Phillipot, Organiser 

Mr Alex Philipot, who is the main organiser this year with Ms Hannah Park, is promising this year's event to be the best yet. Due to the haze, the event was originally supposed to be held in October, but has since been shifted to the new date to avoid a hazy evening out.

Diner En Blanc is all about white. White tables and chairs, white plates and white attire. The location is kept secret until minutes before the event actually starts. This adds an air of mystery and excitement for everyone.

Wines are the order of the day and good food is usually cooked or bought, and brought to the venue as part of a large scale picnic. Chairs and tables are set up with the gentleman on one side and the lady on the other.

It is meant to be a celebration of great food and wine, amongst friends and people who appreciate the finer things in life. In other words, it is a celebration of life itself.

Luxe Catering

For those who prefer to have catered food, the organisers have also engaged the reputable caterer Luxe Catering to come up with three special menus that have a distinctive local influence. Dubbed the Istana, City Hall and Botanic Menus (the latter being a vegetarian option), I had the opportunity to savour them and they were excellent.

It is not easy to cater to such a large audience and to do it at an outdoor location with fancy plating and such. But Luxe managed to pull it off with a great deal of flavours and flair.

Laksa Prawn Pesto Linguine

You will find dishes that incorporate a lot of Singaporean and Asian inspirations, and culled into pretty plates of gastronomy. Laksa, rendang and satay are all well represented by the dishes in all the three menus, and will provide a very enjoyable culinary experience on the actual day.

From the Istana Menu

As for the event, Diner En Blanc Singapore is now in Phase 2, meaning you can still register and sign up for this event to be put on the waiting list. Once the cutoff date is reached, the organisers will then send emails of confirmation to those who have registered.

For those who are keen and excited to join me and a number of other bloggers at this amazing event, you can go to this link to sign up.

As for me, I am personally looking forward to be a part of this prestigious affair as it has been something that I have always wanted to join and now that it is finally here, I can't wait to be there!

As for what I will be cooking or bringing, be sure to check back here and on my Instagram account as I will be revealing very shortly the dishes that I have concocted for Diner En Blanc Singapore!

Diner En Blanc Singapore
Secret Location
(So secret that I will have to eliminate you now if you know, hehe)

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