Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Silver Food News - The Exchange, Gu Ma Jia and ChaoZhou Porridge

Cocktails are the order of the day at The Exchange in Raffles Place. And for the ladies, Elite Fridays from 28 August may just be the thing for you.

Besides the 1 for 1 housepour spirits that are available every Friday evening, special vodka martinis and two different DJs are on hand to light up the nights.

The alcohol quotient will certainly go up with the range of custom home infused martinis made by the resident mixologist, known simply as Thina.

Using premium Stolichnaya Vodka, he has come up with a delightful variety of clever and refreshing beverages that will please the softer gender.

Beautiful and Tasty Martinis

Featuring such fancy and inviting names like "Stoli Spring Break" and "1901 Showdown", the drinks are only available on Friday nights.

In addition, there is also a food menu with a delectable plate of lamb skewers and garlic prawns to pair with the cocktails. Located at Asia Square in the heart of the Marina Financial District, it is certainly one of the places to be on a hot Friday night.

Sarawak White Pepper Crab

Gu Ma Jia celebrates its 5th year anniversary and is known primarily for its zhe char dishes. Chef Yap has a range of family style dishes with a wide range of familiar and new plates on offer.

The Sarawak White Pepper Crab makes for a welcome change from its black pepper cousin, and among its other selections, there are also XO prawn mee, Clam Bee Hoon and their signature Asam Curry Fish Head.

Teochew Porridge

ChaoZhou Porridge is the latest entry in classic Teochew Porridge eateries and they are found along the main part of River Valley Road.

Boasting a wide selection of Teochew classics, from Chai Por Omelette, to Spicy Minced to Steamed Fish, it is another venue best suited for family outings. In particular, the older generation may find some these flavours particularly comforting and nostalgic.

Steamed Squid

The Steamed Squid dish, in particular, was a standout with its tender and melting texture. Best with just a simple bean paste dip, it is something that when done right is just simple and delicious.

The more modern furnishings of this place also calls for a more comfortable setting for the diners. Fully air conditioned, it is serves as a tribute to classic Teochew Porridge places as well as a cosy dining establishment for the younger ones.

The Exchange
Asia Square Tower One
8 Marina View

Gu Ma Jia
45 Tai Thong Crescent

ChaoZhou Porridge
221 River Valley Road

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