Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kinsa Sushi at HillV2 - Colourful and Healthy Sushi

Purple rice is something I seldom come across, and it is said to be an even healthier grain of rice than brown rice.

What is ever more exotic, is the adoption of this harder and longer grained variant in the use of making of sushi dishes. Which is what Shannon, owner of Kinsa Sushi has committed to do at his humble sushi place out in the west of Singapore.

Located at Hillview's H2 shopping mall, the sushi place is small but cosy, and is decorated like most sushi places should be.

Simple and modern, it houses only a handful of tables and bar seating, but it is also ideal for a quiet getaway from the city bustlings to enjoy a few plates of comforting Japanese fare.

Chirashi Cupcake

Chirashi Don bowls have always been popular among the crowds here, and Kinsa has taken a nice spin on it by introducing it in a colourfully decked out glass. Dubbed a cupcake, which I did find somewhat misleading, the resulting dish is pretty and fresh.

The texture and colour of the purple rice does resemble eating a dry version of pulot hitam, and that extra crunch does makes it different from eating conventional glutinous rice. Overall, it is enjoyable with the fresh sashimi fish encased within and the special ponzu adds a lovely savoury acidity to the seafood.

Salmon Mentai

My personal pick for their purple sushi is the Salmon Mentai which hits the right note instantly. Another gorgeous looking plate, the generous roe gives the requisite bursts of fishy savoury flavours and the mental sauce can hardly go wrong with the salmon here.

Black Beauty

Elsewhere, the rest of the purple rice sushi plates are pretty much different versions from the salmon one, and for the most part they are equally visually appealing. The Black Beauty had a bit too salty a sauce for me personally, but the eggy Shishamo fish provides an interesting texture to each bite.

Mango Maki

The Mango Maki is a bit too sweet for my liking as the sauce they used is a bit of a processed type but I am pretty sure the younger kids will lap this out in no time.

They also have a very popular wagyu don bowl which is very good value for money but unfortunately, I did not get the the chance to savour it. But I am reliably informed it is very well done and affordable for the quantity of the beef served up.

Kinsa Sushi sounds and feels like a very homely, casual sushi eatery and with this new injection of healthy conscious sushi plates, it is certainly ideal for the weekend or weeknight family outing occasion.

Kinsa Sushi
4 Hillview Rise

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