Thursday, October 8, 2015

Raffles Singapore Long Bar Steakhouse - The Tantalising Taste of the Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk may be the weapon of choice for the Sioux Indians, but in culinary terms, it is one of the most visually spectacular cuts for steak.

Resembling a real Tomahawk axe, the steak retains the rib bone intact and is properly trimmed. As a result, it looks amazing as a presentation on the dining table.

Raffles Long Bar Steakhouse is known for its steaks, and for the month of October, the Tomahawk is a limited edition item for beef lovers.

As a restaurant, Long Bar Steakhouse has a more rustic and colonial look about it. After all, it is found in the iconic Raffles Hotel, so do not expect modern zen trimmings.

Instead, be prepared for a dimmed lighted experience, complete with white linen table cloths and old school steakhouse aromas. But, if the beef is good, who cares. And that is what this joint is all about. Good beef, well executed and no frills.


Before heading to the main event, you might want to sample some seafood for their starters. The scallop and smoked salmon are adequately done, but it is the Dungeness Crab Cake that stands out.

Superbly seasoned and mashed, the flavours are full of ocean sweetness tinged with Spanish bell peppers heat and altogether very flavourful. Enjoyed the lovely mashy textures as well and a great way to lead in to the protein segment of the meal.

Tomahawk Chops

Weighing in at 1.7kg per chop, it is above the usual 1.2kg cut and thus, this requires the meat to be twice cooked. Seared on a grill for 5 minutes each side to lock in the juices, it is then finished in a pizza oven to attain that seductive crust for that extra smoky aroma.

Tomahawk cuts are famed for their extra fats and flavours due to the thickness and the marbling of the meat, and cooking bone in will enhance that beef enriching flavours even further. The entire cut is just seasoned with good salt and pepper, as it should be.

Tomahawk Steak

The final result will leave you speechless, both in terms of looks and in taste. The beef is grain fed, so it has a higher fat content and will elicit a slightly sweeter flavour. Beef aficionados though, might detect a lesser beef flavour as compared to the grass fed ones.

At Long Bar, the beef is presented as a whole and the Tomahawk will be cut in front of the diners. It is then served simply with a touch more salt and pepper and you can further season the protein on your own.

Medium Rare Goodness

The chef here will cook it to medium rare, and that is the best way to eat a steak. I did notice that some tables will get a slighter more medium than medium rare, but it should be perfectly fine too.

The meat itself is amazing, and the the thin layers of beef fat are the best. The fat is comparable to the best kobe beef with its melting texture and bursting juices. That part alone, is just out of this orbit.

The meat is also adequately moist and succulent, and there is a certain amount of smokiness and meat flavours that will come through. All in all, my first Tomahawk experience has been a very enchanting one. Each diner should get about 3 big pieces of about 50 gm each and that should more than be enough to satisfy one's appetite.

The sides for the beef are, however, forgettable. Sautéed Broccolini, some form of mac and cheese and the bane of my culinary exploration, truffle fries. Granted, they use truffle salt, but the crinkled cut and the truffle pungency was a big turn off when you have such marvellous protein at your disposal.


The cheesecake is decent but not spectacular, though I enjoyed the raspberry sorbet. Some requisite tea and coffee to wash it down is available too.

The long and short is, if you are a beef and steak fanatic, the regular cuts here will be more than enough to satisfy you. The Tomahawk special is indeed, very special, and despite the high price tag, I will highly recommend even the tiniest of meat eaters to try it once. It will be an eye and palate opening experience.

Aside from the delicious crab cakes, the rest of the sides are somewhat superfluous. You will come here just for the beef, and for my money, this is one of the top steakhouses here for that reason alone.

Raffles Singapore Long Bar Steakhouse
Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
2nd Level

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