Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shermay Lee's Cooking School Pop-Up - The Peranakan Maestro is Back!

Shermay Lee's cooking classes are back! It has been awhile since we have had the opportunity to sit in one of her informative and highly entertaining classes, and now she is back at a new venue.

Starting from 7 November, her first in her new series of cooking sessions at Origins of Food Studio, is a perennial favourite - "My Peranakan Grandma's Cuisine".

I was on hand earlier this month to have a sneak preview of this particular session and it was certainly an eye opener for me. It was also highly educational and enjoyable.

Within the allocated time slot, she was able to dish out four classic and authentic Peranakan dishes, both a mix of popular classics and some not so familiar ones.

Shermay Making a Classic Dish

The cooking studio is rather compact, but beautifully styled and well stocked in terms of cooking equipment. As with most cooking studios, induction is the main source of heat and despite the rather limited space, it never feels claustrophobic and there is a high ceiling to convey depth and space.

There is also a nice green and white colour scheme throughout to give a sense of serenity amidst the cooking fury resonating behind. High quality ovens are also available and adequate washing points to complete the studio facilities.

Udang Penas Nanas

Shermay was on hand to demonstrate how to make an achar very easily and quickly. Other not so widely seen Peranakan items including this Udang Penas Nanas and Ayam Pedas were also demonstrated by Shermay, with her entertaining anecdotes and nuggets of information to liven up the session.

Ayam Pedas

Peranakan cuisine is a slowly fading heritage from the Singapore food scene, and it is admirable that Shermay is taking such a passionate stance in preserving this wonderful food culture. I am sure her classes will be a big hit with homecooks as she has such a pedigree in this area.

Throughout the next few months, there will be also returning chefs that used to work with Shermay holding a range of different classes. These include Chef Audrey Tan and her baking wizardry, and maker of my favourite chocolate sponge from Le Bijoux.

Cher Naomi Lee, Chef Christopher Tan, Chef Aki Watanabe and Chef Jean-Philippe Patruno are some of the other illustrious names that will be taking center stage at this immaculate cooking studio.

Origins Of Food is housed at One Farrer Hotel and Spa.
1 Farrer Park Station Road

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