Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pie Connection Curry Puffs at Shunfu Market With Video

My previous double puff features on Tip Top and Selera elicited quite a number of impressions, and I decided to follow up with a 3rd puff feature.

This time, this excellent curry puff outlet resides in Shunfu Market, which has already produced quite a number of gems as documented in my previous posts.

The outlet is called Pie Connection but it mainly focuses on puffs, which come in a variety of flavors which include the standard chicken curry and also a more exotic tuna flavor.

Glorious Puffs

In general, it is a good idea to go to Pie Connection early as when we went there one Friday afternoon, it was almost sold out on most flavors except for the chicken curry one.

So, how good is this puff, and how does it compare with the likes of Selera and Tip Top?

Chicken Curry Puff

The chicken curry puff certainly looked more fresh and colorful than the usual Old Chang Kee one, and when you bite into it, it had a terrific crunch on the flaky yet crispy crust. I would rate it better than Selera on the crust, but just slightly not up to Tip Top's all time best crust.

The fillings were generous too, and had an authentic curry taste without tasting too processed or too compressed. In all, this was a very excellent curry puff, but it just lacked the spiciness of Selera and lack the moist curry goodness of Tip Top.

Tuna Puffs

It was the tuna puff that surprised and delighted us, however. The crust was the same as the chicken curry's, but the fillings were gorgeously filled with chunky tuna pieces and was wonderfully flavored with onion slices.

It was perhaps the onion that resonated a sweet taste to the palette, and the entire puff was certainly less dry than its chicken curry variant. We absolutely loved this tuna puff and the taste was both inventive and refreshing at the same time.

Ultimately, Pie Connection may not reach the extreme high standards of Tip Top when it comes to both crust and curry fillings, but the tuna certainly scored a homerun for us.

Pie Connection
Blk 320 Shunfu Road

Click here for the YouTube link.
Click here to download the HD version.

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Shunfu Market.
No tuna puff was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Use Somebody" performed by Brooke White.


  1. I got to try their tuna puffs too.. I went there a few times but late.. ended up buying their standard chicken curry puff. Will make an effort to go early and get it on my next visit there.

  2. yup their tuna puffs seem to sell very fast ... best before lunhtime