Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rochor Original Beancurd You Tiao With Video

Beancurd is one of our most cherished local desserts, and is often paired with a pair of delicious you tiao or fried doughsticks or similarly local fried pastries.

For me, the best beancurd is this particularly popular one found in Selegie, just opposite Wilkie Edge, and housed in a rustic 2-storey shophouse.

They serve not only classic beancurd in syrup, but also beancurd in soy bean milk, which is how I prefer to take it.

Besides beancurd, they have a delectable range of pastries ranging from fried doughsticks to egg tarts to butterflies (fried dough that is shaped somewhat like a butterfly). Whichever way you take it, they are all very good.

Beancurd in Soy Bean Milk
Just take a look at the gorgeously smooth beancurd here. Not overly sweet and the soya bean milk gives it that extra creamy flavor and having it warm just goes nicely down your throat. You can literally finish a bowl in a minute, and nothing beats having this bowl of beancurd goodness in person!

Butterfly Dough Fritters

The butterfly dough fritters had a fragrant aroma to it, and the dough is not too thick or too flour tasting, which makes this easy to consume. The nice sesame seed coating just give it that slight crunchy texture to go with the delicious softness of the dough.

Egg Tart
The beautifully baked egg tart actually outshone the beancurd. The crust was baked to perfection, flaky to the touch, yet outrageously crispy and had that slight burnt but not overly burnt effect. The egg custard was also nicely balanced, and undeniably smooth.

Excellent Selection of Local Desserts

 It is a simple way to consume a snack or breakfast, and very inexpensive as well, considering how well known this stall is. You will see countless executives and working folks packing this place during lunchtime and coffee breaks.

They even have an air con space on the 2nd floor for those who are unwilling to brave the heat in the alfresco sitting area downstairs. If you enjoy beancurd, and have never patronised this place before, go give it a try.

As far as Singapore desserts go, Rochor Original Beancurd reigns pretty supreme.

Check out winekaki's review of the same beancurd stall as well.

Rochor Original Beancurd You Tiao
2 Short Street
Opposite Wilkie Edge

Click here for the YouTube link.
Click here to download the HD version.

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and on a roadside table.
No butterfly dough fritter was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Jesus, Etc." performed by Wilco.


  1. the geylang outlet's beancurd is slightly better. the egg tart looks nice, i hope to try it sometime (:

  2. better? wow .. u r temptin me to try that one today ... hehe

  3. I'm not a beancurd fan but my hubby would love this post.

    The tart looks like the type of Portuguese Tart that I like :) Yum!

  4. I have tried the one at Geylang lor 39. It tastes so much better...not to mention they provide better services.

    Strangely, tofu fries is only available at Geylang lor 39.