Monday, August 29, 2011

iPad Music and GarageBand Workshop at Woodland RC Zone 1

Making music on the iPad has been so fulfilling and satisfying over the last couple of months, having been featured in the media as well.

As I am now working on the follow-up to Silverfish, I was also approached by some friends and other enthusiasts who felt I should consider conducting some lessons on music using the iPad.

Again, I have to reiterate that while I am not a professional musician or composer, there has been a significant portion of positive feedback on my music so far that I have decided to proceed with a iPad music workshop to see if teaching music is something I would like to do.

This workshop has been graciously arranged by the RC Committee at Woodlands Zone 1 RC and the details are as follows:

Ipad Music Appreciation Workshop

Location: Blk 832, Woodlands St 83, Woodlands Zone 1 RC.

This workshop is a 2 hour session, whereby attendees will get to understand the fundamentals of making using on the iPad using GarageBand.

Some of the things that will be covered during this workshop include:

- Understanding the interface of GarageBand
- Using Instruments and Smart Instruments
- Playing a short segment of music
- Recording a voice segment
- Playing with loops

This workshop will enable attendees to understand the workings of GarageBand and will serve as a platform for a subsequent full 10 hour GarageBand course.

I do believe that learning music is now so much easier and more affordable with devices like iPad and software like GarageBand. Hopefully, this will be the springboard of a music movement here that I can be proud to be apart of.

To register, simply email to with your name and particulars and someone will get in touch with you. The fee for the workshop is S$20.

I also leave you with a track for my follow-up album to Silverfish. This one is called "Chocolate Caviar".

Be sure to check out my new music blog, Sirloin Wine

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  1. Wow, u were in my area? How cool! Gosh, u're even into music now. Ian, do chk out my latest creation @ My Moment Of Glory In Singapore’s National Papers!