Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mystery Chef Dish 1 - Laksa Risotto

Remember one of my earliest posts and recipes, the one on laksa risotto? Well, I have decided that this was such a unique dish, that I have gotten a professional chef to perfect it.

But rather then to tell you who this exquisite and talented chef is, I will only share with you only the picture of this beautiful dish for now.

As for this mystery chef, I have decided to create a series of dishes that fuses modern fine dining cuisine with the charms of rustic local Asian food favourites with this guest chef of mine.

And the reason for keeping this chef's name a secret for now is that I want to demonstrate the amazing technical skills of this person through only words and pictures.

Personally, there are many very overrated chefs and dishes being featured today, and restaurants are charging an arm and a leg for very simple fare with nice plating.

This chef here is not about just surface cooking and plating, but real flavors and taste as well. And it is this reason that I have the pleasure of working with him to present his unique takes on cuisine and food and show to the general public his innovation and ideas in cooking.

The very first presentation is this laksa risotto that he has virtually perfected for me at my request. Besides using an authentic laksa broth to cook the risotto in, he has also added a lemongrass as a very pretty garnish.

Not only that, he has also given the entire dish an incredible lift with the lemongrass. It just looks simply beautiful.

In addition, he has also added some very unique protein using a combination of minced chicken, crabmeat and a secret ingredient. Can you guess what this ingredient is?

Thinly sliced and beautifully presented, the meat addition is simply a wonderful enhancement to an already flavorful and spicy dish.

Nothing more to add than yum, this I present to you, the first in our series from our Mystery Chef - Laksa Risotto

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