Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rich and Good Cake Shop at Kandahar Street With Video - Best Swiss Roll in Singapore

If you enjoy a good old traditional swiss roll, it is rather hard to find a decent one these days. Especially one that is fully handmade and tastes like it was made many years ago.

Well, fret no more as I have recently located one right in the heart of Kandahar Street, and is even quaintly housed in a shophouse settting that simply oozes tradition.

Rich and Good Cake Shop is run by Mdm Lily Liu, who loves to indulge her passion of baking that she started this bakery simply to cater to this incredible passion.

Specialising in swiss rolls, this humble shop also does cakes and some amazing biscuits. But the key focus here is swiss rolls, coming a wide variety of flavors, including strawberry, orange, durian, coffee, chocolate, kaya, green tea and blueberry.

A wide variety of swiss rolls

During a recent trip there, I was joined by one of Hong Kong's best food writers, Chan Wai, who happened to be searching for the best swiss roll around here, and boy, did he find it!

Lily insists on using the freshest ingredients, and because of this, her swiss rolls really stands out. Her durian roll for example, uses only D24 and if it is seasonal, she will even use Mao Shan Wang, which makes her durian roll really authentic and fragrant.

Orange Roll

But the one flavor that really stood out for both Chan Wai and myself was this really fantastic orange roll. Using fresh orange slices, this roll had such a zesty and refreshing flavor that you simply had to have another one after finishing one.

Strawberry Roll

For the younger ones, this strawberry roll will likely appeal more. The sweetness and the aromatic nature of this roll was simply popping with strawberry goodness and visually, it was very appealing as well.

Coffee Roll

Having tasted so many rather one dimensional coffee rolls over the years, I was rather surprised by this particular coffee roll. The cream was not heavy, and the coffee fragrance managed to shine through brilliantly.

Kaya Roll

According to Lily, the shop's bestseller is this delectable Kaya Roll. Made with fresh kaya daily, it had a lovely balance of the coconut and egg flavors, and had just enough enough sweetness without ever overpowering it.

Chan Wai posing with Lily and her team

It was such a pleasure visiting this shop and talking to Lily, who clearly enjoyed her baking quite a bit. As we visited her bakery, we realised what an efficient unit she had to push out her daily output of baked goods.

On the day that we were there, we even met up with a lady who happened to be there for the first time, but had wanted to visit it for a year, but could only do because she happened to be on sick leave and somehow, the swiss rolls provided the perfect tonic.

The ever cheerful Lily Liu

This place is certainly in rich in tradition and definitely good in flavors. Very authentic flavors indeed. And when you have one of Hong Kong's top food critics agreeing with the Silver Chef, you can hardly go wrong.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 in Arab Street.
No durian swiss roll was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Apricot Brandy" written and performed by Ian Low.

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