Thursday, March 1, 2012

Foong Kee - The Best Char Siew and Roast Meat/Sio Bak in Singapore?

When I was in KL over the new year, I had blogged about savoring the best char siew ever, and was lamenting that Singapore did not have an equivalent of this simple but delicious dish.

Well, fret no more. And by chance, whilst at Keong Saik road for another food purpose, I had inadvertently found the nirvana of char siew and roast meat in Singapore.

Foong Kee is, in fact, was very established and outside of Fatty Cheong, another establishment which I have yet to go to, is hands down, serving the best char siew in Singapore right now.

Situated in a simple coffeeshop and facing a row of shophouses, this quietly looking eatery will surprise those who fancy a good bowl of wanton noodles and a plate of roast meat and char siew.

Char Siew and Roast Meat

Just looking at the plate itself, you could tell this was no ordinary plate of roasted meat. The roast meat was done simply to perfection. The skin was beautifully crisp and had that pretty tinge of orange. It was also not over charred.

The meat underneath was still moist and tender and the combination of flavors and textures would put most reputable HK restaurants to shame. And this was served at a local coffeeshop no less! Heavenly.

The char siew was impressively brilliant as well. The glaze was superbly done, with the char done to perfection to give a nice balance of sweet and bitter burnt flavors. 

The meat itself was from the pork shoulder, which usually renders a more fatty texture, and hence, an excellent melt in your mouth feeling. Supreme.

Roast Duck

The roast duck was also good, but perhaps not reaching the same heights as the char siew and roast meat. The skin was nicely done, but not too crispy, and the meat still had a slight chewy bite, but was otherwise palatable.

Wanton Noodles

The noodles was also nice, and whilst not exceptional, it was at least above average when you toss it with the sharp chilli sauce that came with it. Unlike some places, where they focus on the meats and totally ignore the noodles, Foong Kee at least got this aspect just right.

The irony was that for a wanton noodle place, we had not even bothered to order the wantons though I was told on good authority that they made a mean wanton as well.

Alas, I will provide an update on the wantons the next time I am here, and I will be visiting this more often to savor the char siew and sio bak. For sure, until I visit Fatty Cheong, these 2 dishs reign supreme for now.

The best char siew and sio bak in Singapore? You bet.

Foong Kee
6 Keong Saik Road

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