Monday, March 12, 2012

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee at Geylang Lorong 29

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee has a over 30 years of history, and the current generation, Mr Swee, himself still does all the cooking and frying of the noodles.

It is found in a corner of Geylang where it is quietly tucked away in one corner of a coffeeshop. But let not this simple setting detract you from trying this immensely delicious hokkien mee.

For it is simply, one of the best fried hokkien mee places that I have come across. And then some.

Fried hokkien mee has always been one of my favorite hawker dishes, and yet, it is not often you find someone that can do this dish justice.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is simply not easy to do this dish. You need a great amount of control over the fire, and because this dish needs to be cooked to order, it is also takes a skilled person to make this consistently good on every plate.

Mr Swee in action

Mr Swee learnt this skill from his father, and you can see the amount of effort he puts into every serving, which he cooks for about 5-6 persons at a go. 

Cooking the squids and prawns can be quite a tricky task as they can be very easily overcooked and get chewy and rubbery for both seafood. Yet, somehow, Mr Swee seemed very at ease, and despite the heat from the wok fire, he could still find time to take a few sips of beer during the night we were there.

Gorgeous Fried Hokkien Mee

As for the final plate that was served on our table, it looked gorgeous enough just from the visuals that I knew this was going to be special.

The noodles had to be infused with a superior stock to give it that somewhat wet texture and here, the noodles simply flew of the palate charts!

The flavors were so intense, you had to take few bites before you were even conscious of what just transpired in your taste buds.

The prawns were perfectly cooked to superb juicy tenderness, and there were both generous and large. The sweetness from the seafood mixed with the tasty savory stock infused noodles were just marvelous!

Nothing else needs more to say except that this is one hokkien mee that is destined for longevity. That is, if Mr Swee continues this trade, which I hope he will.

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee
Corner coffeeshop at the Geylang side of Lorong 29


  1. Mmmm...... Hokkien Mee is one of my fave local delights! Another place for me to explore :)

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  2. looks delicious. Thank for the information

  3. My friend and myself had $35 worth of Hokkien Mee tween we were there!