Friday, March 16, 2012

The Eternal Broth - The World's First Classical and Pop Music Album Created Entirely on the iPad and GarageBand

With all the excitement surrounding the release of the new iPad, it is easy to miss out some other significant updates to Apple's products, in particular, the latest update to the GarageBand app on iPad.

Apart from being able to do a live jam and recording session over 4 iPads simultaneously, the biggest addition for me was the new Smart Strings instruments.

With this, anyone can basically do anything from a chamber music and string quartet to a full cinematic string section! This is really amazing, and powerful for someone like me who is basically a one man band, and now, a one man orchestra.

I decided to rearrange my entire Father album into a classical setting, and the result is this new collection, entitled The Eternal Broth.

In some ways, the title is akin to coming full circle with this theme and story I have been working on for the last few months, and as you may recall, the original short story is also called The Eternal Broth.

Now, every track has taken a whole new dimension with a classical strings orchestra arrangement. And I was mindful not to use any modern or electronic instruments. All additional instrumentation used are either acoustic or unplugged, and in certain ways, the music has benefitted from this.

The tracks now seem more powerful, majestic or simply more intense and dramatic. Hearing the final result has been most satisfying, and the comments on the forums so far has been overwhelming positive.

One listener even commented that he has ordered a new iPad just after hearing the new arrangement of "Father", which he said "was one of the best songs he heard in a long time, and it made his hair stand."

Others on YouTube have mentioned that they want more and have expressed similar remarks on enjoying the new tracks, which is indeed very gratifying and humbling at the same time.

My goal is to give classical music a more contemporary and accessible reach, while making pop instrumental music more elegant with the addition of classical elements.

Hence, I have labelled The Eternal Broth as classical and pop music at the same time, in the hope that it is a sensible mix of the two genres. And at the same time, being a world first of sorts by doing this entirely only on the iPad.

Well, I hope you will take a listen to it as well, and as usual, I attach the links to CDBaby and iTunes respectively. Enjoy!

To hear "Father", click here.

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