Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beach Cabana at Pasir Ris Park - Fishing and Feasting

Somedays, you wish you are back in a more kampung like environment where you can sit back and have fun blending in with mother nature.

Pasir Ris Park may seem like a very far destination to travel to, but one of the best things about coming here is to immerse oneself in the tranquil activities of fishing, crabbing and prawning in the scenic pond right in the middle of the park.

There is a general area where fishing enthusiasts can just bring or rent their fishing equipment and spend a leisurely day here on a weekend.

There is also a more cordoned off area where special areas for fishing can be done. With a group of well trained staff nearby, it is hard not to catch your first fish here. Pauline tried her hand and within minutes, she managed to snatch two seabass like fish.

Pasir Ris Park Pond

There are also special areas to catch live prawns and crabs and the cool thing is you can actually ask the nearby restaurant to cook your prized catches for you meal afterwards.

All the tanks look to be well maintained and with ample space provided, it is ideal for a Sunday family gathering, fishing and having a blast of a time. The restaurant is Beach Cabana, which serves mostly zi char style dishes and focuses mainly on seafood, which is not surprising.

Steamed Lubina

We were told this fish is a European seabass dubbed the Lubina. Here, it is steamed and topped with a well selected soya sauce and some scallion and chilli for garnishes.

Live Drunken Prawns

This may prove to be a bit much for some, as the prawns are literally served alive and still very much kicking on skewers. You are supposed to immerse the live prawns yourself into the hot piping wine laced broth.

Yes, it is a bit squeamish for the ladies (and some guys), so be forewarned if you are unable to perform the act yourself. The staff can handle the necessary chore too. The prawns do taste amazingly fresh, I must say.

Crispy Pork Fried Rice

The fried rice here is executed with the addition of sio bak, or crispy pork belly. The crispness was a tad less than ideal, but the idea still stands with its more rich and lard injected punch into the rice.

All in all, fishing and feasting here is very much an experience and its more than just having a meal. The fun is really spending a day here with nature, fishing and bonding over some beers and finishing off with some fresh seafood.

Beach Cabana
96 Pasir Ris Central

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