Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wong Kee Wanton Noodle - Tomato Noodles, Spinach Noodles and Some Mighty Fine Wantons

Sometime not so long ago, the next generation owner of Wong Kee, Kelly Wong, had taken the liberty to home deliver some of their products for me to try at home.

Whilst the noodles took some getting used to, to get it right using home appliances, the shrimp wantons and pork dumplings blew me away.

They were huge, generous and beautifully seasoned. At that time, Kelly was still sourcing for a new stall to continue her hawker operations.

She happens to be one of the rare breed that has managed to learn the trade from her dad and is adamant on making hawker her passion and her career.

Thankfully, she has found a new outlet at Timbre+ and having opened just a fortnight back, her stall is doing very brisk business and is pretty much the talk of the hawker town now.

Beef Brisket

Her beef brisket has been reputed to be one of the finest around and having sampled it up close, it certainly lives up to its reputation. A thick, saucy and rich beef sauce is packed full of robust and engaging flavours, determined to impress you at every turn.

The brisket is also equally addictive, well braised down to the mandatory texture. Garnished with some Chinese parsley and spring onions for colour and a little brightness, this is so good you can order this on your own. It's probably magnificent too with a bowl of rice to spoon the delectable sauce over.

Tomato Noodles

Apart from the green livery of the spinach noodles, the other more striking flavour is the hearty tomato powered mee pok variant that looks almost like a scarlet fettuccine. Kelly is very diligent in cooking her noodles upon order, and hence you might face some waiting time as she does this plate by plate for the best quality.

The aforementioned wantons and dumplings still shine and when you consider the portioning here, the value you get in a plate of wanton noodles coupled with the brisket just cannot be matched elsewhere.

The only letdown is the char siew, which bears the look of some artificial colouring in the cooking process, and a somewhat less than striking flavour profile in the meat marinate. Other than that though, the plating for this wanton noodle place is probably the most exquisite I have seen so far, and kudos to Kelly for taking the extra effort to make her food look pretty.

There are a number of exciting stalls here too, and despite the idiocy of the one dollar tray system which I shall not delve into, the journey to the west is well worth it. Especially for this exciting wanton noodle place which should be among the best wanton mee places now.

Wong Kee Wanton Noodle
73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
At the food court where you are happy to carry each plate of food one by one, just to snub the stupidity of the tray system

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