Monday, April 18, 2016

Mitzo's Spring Menu - A Time to Enjoy Some Springtime Delights

Springtime is still blossoming in this latter part of April, and Mitzo has a couple of spring menus to pamper the hungry ones.

As always, Chef Nicky Ng is more than competent, and in his new creations, has managed to drum up some exciting concoctions for the next couple of months.

Dim sum here has always been more than exquisite, and coupled with Chef Nicky's penchant for some of the best double boiled soup in town, you know you will not be disappointed.

His other favourites like his truffle roast duck and caramelised char siew are still around, fret not. But throw in some of these new additions, there is more than ample reason to make a revisit to Grand Park Orchard's gastronomic champion once again.

Floral Dim Sum Platter

Looking exciting and piquing one's curiosity, the dim sum platter showcases Chef Nicky's brilliance with dim sum cuisine. The jasmine xiao long bao is submerged in a glass of fragrant broth, whilst the blue pea coloured dumpling takes a refreshing twist on the classic har gao, or shrimp dumpling.

The siew mai comes off slightly indulgent with its garnish of a baby abalone and a ginger flower bulb on top, but what is undeniable is the classic flavours and seasoning that permeates each of these nuggets of food. Engaging and enjoyable.

Chrysanthemum Pork Ribs Double Boiled Soup

The inclusion of a floral element to his classic double boiled soups is just the fragrant touch to give it a perfumed scent to carry the natural porcine flavours of the pork ribs to the next culinary stratosphere. Comforting and clear, this is the kind of soup that you would want to retire to at the end of a long work day. And then some.

Zucchini Tempura Flower Shrimp

Although the batter is more akin to traditional Chinese pastry than authentic Japanese tempura, the carefully shaped pastry that encases the prawn is still a marvel to savour. Coated with wasabi paste, the inner shrimp protein is classically seasoned to give it a strong and robust tone to ensure that you are still in familiar Canton territory.

Poached Fine Noodles with Crabmeat and Saffron

This dish looks somewhat unassuming and the first few bites bear testament to that sentiment. The superfluous caviar seems rather out of placed too with the other oriental elements on the dish. But you know what?

Halfway through the finely poached noodles, it starts to sink in. And I begin to get the comforting warmth of this noodle dish. It goes to show that when you go easy on the ideas, and just settle to some good old fashioned cooking, it can really put a warm smile back on this rather jaded diner.

Simple it may seem, but the ultimate comforting nature of the noodles paired with a clear saffron broth is just the tonic at the end of a satisfying menu.

I shall dispense with the dessert notes, and end on a high with the noodles dish. Mitzo's impeccable record continues with this very enjoyable and delectable springtime menu. Nothing else needs embellishment. You should just make a trip here and savour it for yourself.

270 Orchard Road
Level 4 Grand Park Orchard Hotel

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