Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Maguro Blue Fin Tuna Nirvana at Hokkaido Sushi

Revisiting Hokkaido Sushi at M Hotel recently has elicited a new gastronomically delightful experience. The discovery of their maguro blue fin tuna addition.

For most, eating fatty otoro is not only a luxury that will nibble incessantly at your wallet, it is also hard to come by really fresh and good quality tuna.

Hokkaido Sushi flies in their blue fin tuna directly from Japan and if you are lucky enough to be there on certain Tuesdays, you will get freshly cut tuna that is flown in on the same day.

I was there recently on a Tuesday night to witness their tuna cutting event and I must say I like their no-frills approach. No gimmicky teenage tuna cutting girly groupie band trying to woo the crowd, and no "Maguro" yelling and lifting that darned fish in the air as if it's a war chant.

Instead, the two rather conservative looking head chefs merely put heir heads down to the task and quietly chipped away at the sensually curvy and fatty looking tuna whilst the cameras and flashbulbs were clicking in the background.

The Protein

Looking at their immaculate cutting skills, they were amazingly fast in carving out the main protein where the otoro was housed. Just marveling at the marbling and salivation was in order.
Otoro, Chutoro and Akamai

The akami itself was so fresh and muscular and had a much lesser quotient of that irony taste that you find in most other tuna sashimi joints.

The chutoro provided a nice compromise between the super fatty otoro and more meaty akami and I venture some might even prefer that over the fattier sibling.

But for me, the otoro was the star and one bite was all it required for that lardy marbling fat to explode all over my mouth. The protein broke down in no time and I was equally compelled to weep like a baby at the buttery texture that was dancing on my palate.

Hands down, this is the best otoro that I have had outside of Japan. And then some.

Tune Bone Marrow

For the brave, there was also tuna bone marrow to savour and despite the rather challenging thought, the actual rascal was quite delectable. The texture was very jelly like and sprinkled with a light touch of soy, it was a rather enjoyable experience on its own.

But here's the real kicker. You would think that with such premium sashimi that you would be paying skyhigh prices for a plate of blue fin tuna sashimi as pictured above. And you would be wrong.

It is offered as a complimentary plate as part of their "The Hokkaido Buffet Experience". Yes, I was thinking the same too, simply madness. Generosity of the insane kind of gastronomic encounters.

If nothing else, my previous post on my extremely enjoyable buffet experience here required no further recommendation other than to jump into a car/bus/cab/uber to hop over to try their dazzling array of Japanese delights.

Now. with this blue fin tuna addition, it is a no brainer.

Hokkaido Sushi
81 Anson Road
9th level, M Hotel

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