Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Osteria Mozza - Classic Italian Fare

Osteria Mozza presents classic Italian fare executed with tried and tasted flavours that will not infringe on nonsensical combinations, and for that, I applaud it heartily.

And hearty food is also the order of the day as there is simply too much fusion play in less established cafes and joints these days.

Coming from American celebrity chef Nancy Silverton, the idea is to get traditional Italian cuisine as authentic and as rustic as they come onto the plates of diners at Marina Bay Sands where it is housed.

For the most part, the food is exemplary and has a sense of old fashioned comfort that is almost rare in restaurants these days. Walking in, the hits of Italian herbed aromas and that puff of olive oil and garlic fragrance is enough to convince anyone that it is most apt for classic Italian food.

Burrata and Cured Tomatoes

Something this classic should not be tempered with and they did not. Plump and cured tomatoes and creamy burrata garnised with fresh basil is such an Italian flag coloured dish and all that is required is a sprinkle of good quality extra virgin olive oil to seal the deal.

Bold, fresh and immaculately tasteful, everything is just bursting and oozing with flavours and textures.


The spinach stuffed Rotolo pasta is as hearty as it comes. The Ferrari red tomato sauce provides the sharpness to counter the richness of the ricotta and pecorino encased within the freshly made pasta sheets gives this a very fulfilling dish a luxurious finish.

Be warned though, it is a hefty serving and it is best savoured with another partner. Freshness ensues and the similarly Italian flag coloured plate gives it such vibrancy in looks and tastes.

Asparagus and Wild Mushroom Farfalle

As always, the true test of any Italian eatery is their classic aglio olio pastas and here, it does not disappoint. This vegetarian concoction shows just the right amount of finesse, skill and passion encapsulated on one plate.

Good texture, and the right amount of saucy alchemy encased within each piece of farfalle provides that comforting tone of flavours that will have you equally joyful at the last bite as you would at the first.
Truffles and Scrambled Eggs

A rather decadent and almost brunch like dish is this luxurious plate of food. Truffles are generously scattered over the beautifully cooked eggs and scrambled eggs are masterfully recreated here.

Creamy and buttery and retaining that wonderful eggy aroma requires a seasoned chef at the helm. Simple in a sense, but so easy and addictive to eat.

Grandma's Pie

To finish off the hearty savouries, the dessert is a classic nonna pie that will warm many a hearts. That perfect, biscuity crust is all that is needed to convince me that the savouries were not fluke.

A trio of cheeses gives it the perfect creamy filling while honeycombed pine nuts are added at the top to give the requisite crunch and natural sweetness.

All the above items are part of their new lunch menu and it is obvious to me that they are there to provide a great combination of familiar yet authentic set of dishes to please almost everyone and anyone who enjoys Italian food.

While the plating is not exactly the fanciest nor the prettiest, what matters most is the taste and here, it clearly makes the mark.

Osteria Mozza
Marina Bay Sands
The Shoppes

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