Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Penang Char Kway Teow Recipe

Add 1 tbsp lard oil in a wok or pan and turn on flame. Fry 1 minced garlic and the white bits of scallion in the lard oil until fragrant . Tilt the wok one end so that the garlic can immerse deeply in oil like seen in the video.

Add 1 sliced Chinese sausage or lup cheong to add to the fragrance. Then add 1 cup of beansprouts followed by kway teow. Stir and mix well. Once it’s been fried for a few minutes, add 1 tbsp of light soya (we are using the naturally brewed soya sauce from https://www.nanyangsauce.com) and mix well. Season with Sarawak white pepper.

Once all the noodles are thoroughly coated and darkened, push the noodles up or to the side so that it will be away from the center and halt the cooking process.

Crack 2 eggs and quickly scramble the eggs. Fold the kway teow over the eggs and mix well. Add 6 to 8 peeled and deveined prawns and quickly stir. Cook for a minute or so until the prawns are just cooked. 

Add the green part of scallions and more fresh pepper if desired. Turn off the flame, add another tbsp lard oil and mix one final time to emulsify everything.

Simply serve on a plate and enjoy! Also, to make it spicy, just add a spoon of sambal chilli when you add the soya sauce part. And that’s it, so simple when you actually make it at home. And incredibly delicious and evokes a taste of Penang.

For more, see the full YouTube video in 4K HDR here. Be sure to subscribe and leave a like and comment.

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