Monday, November 8, 2010

Authentic Malacca Chendol at Famosa Chicken, Jonker Street

Remember my recent post on Thomson Plaza's Jonker Nyonya Deli's chendol which I raved about?

Well, this one in Malacca beats it hands down. And of all places, I found it in Jonker Walk's Famosa Chicken.

I will not dwell on the chicken rice balls here as I will talk about a superior version in a later post.

The iced chendol was actually being made by an Indian near the front entrance and that was what caught our attention in the first place.

Within the nicely decorated restaurant, we were quite impressed to see that this iced chendol item was actually one of the most ordered items as the Indian seemed to be constantly coming in and out with bowlfuls of chendol every 5 minutes or so!

Authentic Malacca Iced Chendol

The thing that was not perfect in the Thomson chendol was the shaved ice, which was not very fine. Well, no such problem here. The shaved ice was snow perfect! And instead of the puny red beans used in local chendol, they used juicy and succulent kidney beans which had a better crunch and texture.

The other thing that they got absolutely right is the balance of gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk. The Thomson Plaza had too much gula melaka and too little coconut. Here, the balance is near perfect and had a more lemak feel while the palm sugar was ever present but never overpowering.

Bowlfuls of Chendol Delight

I also found out from the owner that they use pandan instead of green pea for the chendol itself, and they have the same pale green look as the Thomson version, and must be eaten before the ice freezes the chendol as it can become quite stiff.

It is a shame that to get such fantastic chendol, one has to travel all the way to Malacca and Jonker itself to have a taste. But, good things are always worth the effort, don't you think? 

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Famosa Chicken
28-30 Jalan Hang Kasturi, 
Off Jonker Street, Melaka 75200, Malaysia


  1. i havent try this before. but all the time im at melacca ill go to jonker 88 at jonker street for the durian cendol, that thick gula melaka is oh-so-good! seriously :D

  2. yeah, was curious to try the durian chendol but was worried it was more novelty, and we really wanted to do one authentic jonker chendol .. but theres always a next time!

  3. I tried this before, it is AWESOME! It is worth the drive from KL to eat a bowl of it! Congrats for being one of the featured blog in Foodie Blogroll!

  4. Thanks! I was very fortunate to be featured :) glad u liked the chendol too!

  5. Outstanding place to eat at after flights to Singapore. The setting and all is simply mind blowing. Great food.