Friday, November 19, 2010

Kampong Chicken Eating House at Tiong Bahru

Previously, I covered Upper Thomson's famous kampong chicken and I had mentioned then that there is another kampong chicken in Tiong Bahru as well.

It is called Kampong Chicken Eating House and likewise, it serves very yellow skinned steamed chicken and rice, as well as an assortment of zhe char dishes to go along.

It is situated along a row of shophouses, and among other very notable food joints like Tiong Bahru Pao and a few other seafood and steamboat places.

Kampong Chicken

The chicken here had the same very yellow colored skin, and equally, very little oil, which is how we always like our chicken, though some actually prefer the more fatty and oily chicken for taste.

The meat here was wonderfully tender and not dry, and the light soy and sesame seasoning was near to perfect. I actually liked this more than the kampong chicken in Upper Thomson.

Chicken Rice

The rice was equally good, very fluffy and fragrant from the chicken stock and ginger/garlic infusion. When you combine it with the succulence of the chicken meat, a mouthful of rice and chicken elicited an enjoyable perfume of chicken flavors.

Overall, both kampong chicken stalls gave very similar fare and quality, but if I would to choose one over the other, I would go for this one.

Kampong Chicken Eating House
257 Outram Road

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