Friday, November 12, 2010

Po Piah Lwee in Malacca Near Jonker Street

When we were in Malacca last week, one of our food objectives was to visit a classic Nyonya eatery called Nancy's Kitchen just off Jonker Street.

Unfortunately, we were a bit late and it seemed the place was not accepting any new customers for the day, so we were left to hunt somewhere else for our Nyonya fix.

The surprising thing was, we did chance upon another quaint and somewhat inconspicuous nyonya stall just outside of Jonker.

Pauline actually spotted it as she is a big lover of popiahs and this modest place caught her eye. It was called Po Piah Lwee and seems to be run by a very bubbly and active lady boss.

The stall itself was rather spartan and would not look any different from any coffeeshop you see along our traditional shophouses here. But the food did seem intriguing enough for us to try out some of their humble delicacies.

Po Piah

The po piah served here felt really traditional. The skin was nicely soft yet firm, and the turnips were more coarse and darker looking, but when you take it as a whole with the rest of the fillings, the taste was just finely tuned to almost perfection. Winekaki did prefer to have more finely chopped turnips though.


We had intended to only try the popiah when we walked in, but the lady boss convinced us to have a go at her rojak dish as well, and we were not disappointed. The individual fruits and vegetables really blended well with her sweet and spicy paste. It may not be the best rojak we have had, but it was certainly tasty.


Similarly, the laksa which we also ordered had a very lemak and coconuty infusion to the broth. It was, however, slightly spicy for my taste bud as I kept reaching for my barley drink every minute or so. But I l really loved the tau pok and bean sprouts that gave this classic dish such a nice textural balance to the noodles and shrimp.

Again, the fun of doing of road trips like these is to find small little wonders along the streets of Malacca, and this one was purely found by accident.

Po Piah Lwee
14 Jalan Kubu
75300 Malacca, Malaysia

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