Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meng Kee Char Kway Teow at Beo Crescent

Previously, I talked about No. 18 Char Kway Teow at Zion which has obviously been very well known and popular among locals here, but there is another char kway teow which is even better.

This one is located at Beo Crescent near Bukit Ho Swee and is found in a very discreet coffeestall, and you would easily miss it if you do not actually look for it carefully.

I used to patronize this stall pretty often when my office was near Havelock, and sinful as it was, it never disappointed when it came to char kway teow.

Recently, I was near this location with winekaki and Pauline and decided to check it out to see how it compares now and frankly, little has changed.

Char Kway Teow

The first thing that struck me was the undeniable aroma of fried pork lard as you reach the coffeestall and like a magnet, you will be pulled towards the stall that emitted this lovely fragrance.

The flat noodles was well infused with the ingredients and sauces, and each plate had a generous serving of cockles (or see hum), and every mouthful was a smooth and sinful greasy gastronomic joy. Almost immediately, I would place this better than No. 18, simply because of the better aroma and smoothness.

Some dishes deserve a number of superlatives, and while this plate easily earns the same accolades, the best superlative is simply to just drive there after you read this to sample it for yourself. Enough said.

Meng Kee Char Kway Teow
Blk 22 Havelock Road
Beo Crescent

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