Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Duo of Scallops with Fermented Tofu and Chinese Greens and Apple Pear Curry Foam

Over the weekend, I had the idea of doing a scallop dish and wanted to do it two ways to present it with a certain contrast.

I also wanted to give it a nice east and west balance, so I basically came up with 2 different sauces and garnishes to signify the 2 different regions of flavors.

In a pan, saute some chopped chilli and garlic until they are fragrant. Take a tablespoon of fermented tofu (which can be found in most supermarts these days) and add to the pan and stir continuously until they are well mixed with the garlic and chilli.

Toss in the kang kong and stir well for a few minutes until the kang kong is cooked with a nice crunchy texture. Set aside while you prepare to do the other sauce.

Chop one pear and apple and saute them in a pan with some butter until they are soft. Add a spoonful of turmeric powder for that curry infused flavor and mix well with the fruits. Add enough chicken stock to cover the fruits.

Next, transfer to a hand blender and blitz the mixture until it is puree like. Set aside until you are about to plate the dish.

Scallops done 2 ways

Finally, season the scallops lightly and pan sear the scallops in a pan on both sides until they are well caramelized. Just before plating, use the hand blender to blitz the apple pear mixture until there is a foamy texture.

To plate, place the kang kong first followed by the scallops and spoon some of the chilli and garlic on top and drizzle some of the remaining juices on top. On the other side, place the scallops first, then spoon some of the foam around the scallops, and garnish with some chopped coriander or parsley.

And there you have it, a beautiful plate of scallops done 2 ways!

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