Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fine Cuts at Clarke Quay Central

Singapore has its fair share of Jack's Place and Astons these days, and sometimes, Pauline and I just long to eat some good steak without going to the usual haunts and avoiding too high a price tag.

So, it came to our surprise we chanced upon this steak and meat cafe in Clarke Quay Central, right in the heart of its basement and quietly tucked away. It is a very cosy place though.

On the week night we were there, it was very quiet and we really did not harbor any high expectations. We settled for the set which came with a soup of the day and a selection of pork and beef choices.

Right off, the soup was totally forgettable and hardly need any further mentioning other than this is exactly what you would expect from either Jack's or Hans.

Sirloin Steak

The sirloin which I opted for was simply garnished with fries and some greens on the side. The meat itself was very lightly marinated and it was all down to the quality of the meat and the cooking itself.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I had my first bite, how well cooked it was. Cooked to medium perfection and the meat itself was of a very good quality. Though I thought it was US Beef, and hence it was corn fed and had a slight sweet taste to it, the meat was moist and succulent underneath and for the price, there were no complaints.

Kurobuta Pork

Pauline had the kurobuta pork with the same garnishes and seasoning, and again you simply overlook the sides and just focus on the meat itself. Being kurobuta, the pork was of a higher grade and tasted that way too. Slightly sweeter as well and very tender to the bite, and again for the price, this was really good value.

Fine Cuts might not be a premium steak house but for under $20 a person for a set meal with this sort of quality cuts, it is a bargain in my eyes. Rumors abound that they might not be in operation for much longer though, which is somewhat of a disappointment. So visit this while you still have the opportunity.

Fine Cuts
#B1-44/45 Clarke Quay Central

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